Maxxi - Palazzo Citterio. Projects on Exhibit

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MAXXI in Rome is holding an exhibition about plans for redevelopment of the Palazzo Citterio complex in Milan, presented in the competition won by architect Amerigo Restucci of ResAarch.

Maxxi - Palazzo Citterio. Projects on Exhibit

The exhibition underway at MAXXI in Rome is about the long story of Palazzo Citterio, the architects that have worked on it, the projects that have followed one upon the other in this 18th century building and the ones that will be implemented in the future to transform it into a new museum as part of the Grande Brera programme.
Palazzo Citterio will house the permanent twentieth century art collections of the Pinacoteca di Brera as well as temporary exhibitions and events.

The current state of the complex is represented in the video Palazzo Citterio 2013 by Gianni Amelio. Photos, models and documents illustrate the various phases the structure has gone through, from the demolition and reconstruction work of the seventies to Stirling and Wilford’s project, implemented only in part. The exhibition comes right up to 2013, with the plans presented for restoration and redevelopment of the entire complex. 13 Italian architectural practices entered the design competition, and their plans are all on display in the exhibition, along with the winning project by architect Amerigo Restucci.

(Agnese Bifulco)

curators Caterina Bon Valsassina and Margherita Guccione
Location: MAXXI, Rome - Italy
Images courtesy of Fondazione Maxxi



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