Madama della Rocca by Fabio Fantolino

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Turin architect Fabio Fantolino has designed the interiors of a number of places in his native city, including Madama della Rocca, a restaurant where diners enjoy their meals in a fascinating atmosphere of semi-darkness.

Madama della Rocca by Fabio Fantolino

Fabio Fantolino is an architect based in Turin who has produced the interior design of many of the city’s trendiest night spots, including Madama della Rocca restaurant.
Only minutes from Piazza Vittorio, in the city’s historic heart, the restaurant had a very rustic look, which the architect decided to eliminate.

The first thing one notes upon entering is the brick pillars covered with light-coloured wood forming a regular grid. The light colour of the wood contrasts with the semi-darkness of the atmosphere and the dark furniture, adding light and toning down the restaurant’s rustic look.
The false ceilings and wall linings are also dark in colour, covered with an open mesh of black iron. This expedient adds a three-dimensional touch, with the aid of leds positioned behind the matt black iron grid and the woodwork, concealing the sources of the light in the room. The grid not only serves an aesthetic function but has a practical purpose, creating the space required for service.

The bare concrete floor matches the other elements and furnishings above it, also unfinished. Suspension lights are projected onto the walls to create shadows, designs and textures that hold diners in a cosy embrace.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Turin
Year: 2012
Team: Fabio Fantolino, Andrea Bonessa
Photos: Fabrizio Carraro



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