FAB conversation with Bontempi Tamassocciati

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At the conclusion of the architecture events dedicated to Pier Carlo Bontempi, curated by Floornature (Paolo Schianchi and Mara Corradi), the FAB Architectural Bureau in Castellarano will host a debate between architects Pier Carlo Bontempi, and Raul Pantaleo from TAMassociati, moderated by journalist Luca Sommi.

FAB conversation with Bontempi Tamassocciati

Quante architetture dalla tradizione?” (How much architecture is tied to tradition?) is the title of the debate to be held at 6.30 pm on 10 December 2015 in the FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau, Castellarano at the conclusion of the cycle of events dedicated to the works of architect Pier Carlo Bontempi and curated by Floornature (Paolo Schianchi e Mara Corradi).

The debate - moderated by journalist Luca Sommi - will be between architects Pier Carlo Bontempi, and Raul Pantaleo from TAMassociati, curator of the Italian Pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the 2016 Venice Biennale.
The curators Paolo Schianchi and Mara Corradi, from the Floornature portal, explain that this debate on the role of contemporary architecture is a way to explore the many possible affinities between the “taking care in architecture” approach of TAMassociati and Pier Carlo Bontempi's operating for the common good approach, even though the two architects come from very diverse working backgrounds and arrive at results with extremely distant compositions and forms.

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10 December 2015 - 6.30 pm

via Guido Reni 2/R - 42014 Castellarano (RE)