Wood, stone, terra cotta and majolica: the variety and fantasy of Whole floors

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Iris Ceramica’s Whole collection is a whole world of materials, a heterogeneous solution reinterpreting the tradition of covering materials with a contemporary twist. The plurality of colours, textures and sizes permits free choice and design of spaces for everyday living in homes of all styles as well as retail and public spaces

Wood, stone, terra cotta and majolica: the variety and fantasy of Whole floors
The variety of today’s lifestyles demands a vast choice of covering materials redesigned for uses better suited to the demands of everyday living.
In response to new demands on the market, the world of design is constantly seeking diversified solutions, the majority of which involve new ways of using materials.
Perception and use of indoor and outdoor spaces have in fact changed considerably over time. Homes, offices and public places, for example, need increasingly resistant materials with easy maintenance and laying, allowing for possible changes in the medium to long term without interrupting everyday activities.
The appearance of today’s spaces must mirror the character and tastes of the people who live and work in them, making the time spent in these spaces, however brief, a pleasant, comfortable experience.
From this point of view, very few materials can offer the same properties and performance as high-tech ceramics.
Porcelain made by the Iris Ceramica Group is the product of ongoing innovation, the result of observation of materials and processes present in Nature. With a corporate mission increasingly attentive to the dynamics of ecological sustainability, the final ceramic product is the result of a long process of technical experimentation creating new trends in the world of design.
One of the top brands in the Group, Iris Ceramica has been a world leader in the production of ceramic and enamelled porcelain for floor and wall coverings in all kinds of spaces since 1961.
Decades of know-how translate into a range of more than 50 collections and over 2500 items.
Iris Ceramica promotes the acknowledged value of the best Italian-made products all over the world, constantly making ceramic products of great technical and aesthetic value which have earned it numerous international awards.
In addition to its innovative processes, the primary goals of Iris Ceramica’s corporate philosophy have always been protection and respect for the environment, with bold, conscientious actions for preventing pollution.
Iris Ceramica’s new Whole collection is a vast, highly varied range "enclosing a whole world of materials", as the name itself suggests.
The collection includes many of the “starring” materials of today’s interiors, such as wood, stone, terra cotta and majolica: classic yet modern products that find a balanced, functional synthesis in the Whole collection, combining imagination with elegance.
In detail, the collection includes the wood effect of Wood (in the colours Lime, Acacia and Ebony and in the 120x20 cm size); Chevron is a new interpretation of the terra cotta and majolica effects (in the 120x60 cm size); and Stone reinterprets natural stone in a variety of sizes, 120x60, 60x60 and 60x30 cm, in the colours Sand, Tobacco, Grey and Black.
All with a nod at the traditions of the past, “nourished with a new energy, capable of bringing charm and a sensation of comfort to indoor spaces and even, with anti-slip finishes, outdoors".
The great variety of colours, sizes and visual stimuli doubtless represents a key feature of the Whole collection of porcelain slabs, along with its undeniable expressive power.
Whole Chevron, for example, is available in the traditional herringbone laying pattern, adding elegance and prestige for strip tiles. This creative possibility is inspired by classic floors: in response to the trends on the market in recent years, with the new popularity of this laying method, Iris Ceramica is bringing it back to add new dynamism and value to contemporary spaces.
The plurality of available colours, materials and shapes makes Whole appropriate for a whole range of different styles in homes, retail facilities and public spaces, guaranteeing the great expressiveness and freedom of design typical of the spirit of our times.

Marco Privato


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