Wood-effect porcelain tiles for floors

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GranitiFiandre wood-effect porcelain tiles for floors, large-scale wood-effect porcelain flooring.

Wood-effect porcelain tiles for floors<br />

Wood-effect porcelain tiles for floors are one of the most sought-after and technically advanced products from GranitiFiandre. With a high visual impact, these extremely attractive surfaces boast a clever design feature which combines the exterior features of wood with the innovation of technical porcelain tiles in a single formula.
The exterior qualities are instantly visible: wood-effect tiles faithfully reproduce all the most popular sensory characteristics of natural wood. Warmth, comfort, safety, intimacy: these features are associated both with a more traditional idea of the home and places where people come together, move and interact (from contract sales to large-scale retail). Wood-effect flooring now has a new contemporary slant thanks to the technical qualities of the materials.?

The two collections Natura Maximum and Essenze Rare Extreme (both part of the Geologica range) stand out for the characteristics and qualities of the wood-effect porcelain tiles, particularly:
* sustainability: based on an energy-saving approach and total respect for the environment throughout the production process, wood-effect flooring introduces GranitiFiandre?s Legacy of Green principles into every-day life;
* the huge variety of wood-effect flooring. The vast range of designs and sizes recreates the many different effects of natural wood, from oak to olive(Essenze Rare Extreme) and ash to chestnut (Natura Maximum).

Wood-effect porcelain flooring brings out the best of surfaces throughout the home, filling them with new elegance and a variety of different colour tones.
Nature and technology combine in a style which meets the needs of every-day environments in terms of the form and structure of materials: aesthetic and technical qualities in a single product, endless choice and durability, classic and contemporary looks.


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