Versatile mix and match surfaces: the neutral colours of Ariostea Ultra Marmi

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Ariostea’s Ultra Marmi high-tech ceramic surfaces offer a variety of different solutions for spaces of all kinds and for custom-designed furnishings, featuring neutral colours in line with the principal interior design trends of 2021. Ideal for traditional spaces or for easy combination with materials and furnishings in warmer hues, the Daino Grigio, Tundra Grey and Pulpis Bronze collections are embellished with veining and subtle variations in hue adding depth and dynamism to their surfaces

Versatile mix and match surfaces: the neutral colours of Ariostea Ultra Marmi
Authentic, elegant, and apparently simple, neutral colours continue to be one of the most popular trends in interior design in 2021.
The secret to their success lies in a number of aspects which are often taken for granted, but are in actual fact the material’s true strong points.
The first distinguishing factor is, of course, the capacity to blend in, an important quality allowing neutral colours to fit into any setting without prevailing over other furnishings or surfaces. This makes them immediately recognisable to us, as these colours have always been a part of human homes. 
Examples include earthy colours, such as hues of beige, as well as the many shades of grey of the cements and resins on our streets and in our infrastructure; or the many varieties of stone and marble, natural elements which are so common they have become a background to our daily lives.
Neutral colours play a key role in the aesthetics of contemporary design and, thanks to the popularity of many of today’s trendiest styles, their instant recognisability produces immediate acceptance, favouring a sense of sobriety and reassurance that makes us feel instantly at ease. Neutral colours are not sensorially "aggressive", and so they make an intimate contribute to our well-being.
From the point of view of the designer, or anybody wanting to furnish their home using neutral surface coverings, these colours facilitate colour combinations, even with brighter colours. The result is another important quality of neutral hues, their versatility, making them practically timeless and beyond passing fads. And in fact many neutral hues are naturally associated with the most traditional styles and handcrafted furnishings.
One negative aspect commonly associated with neutral hues is their apparent lack of personality and essential flatness. But as is often the case, this prejudice is not really reflected in reality, where it is almost impossible to find truly neutral, characterless spaces. As in nature, in fact, the various textures certainly appear subtle and sober, but there are almost always textures, veining and changes of hue to add dynamism and often an attractive decorative touch. The pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to neutral hues, and in any case, it is up to us to further enrich our spaces with a few simple steps: a touch of colour, a reclaimed antique, skilful use of light and colour, or a little detail in the right place can often be enough to add charm and personality to a room.
Ariostea’s Ultra Marmi palette of materials includes warm, intense hues, as well as numerous neutral colours (based on beige, sand, grey, ivory) and just as many hues of white, a neutral colour worth a whole separate article for its innate luminosity.
Ultra Ariostea ceramic maxi-slabs are surfaces of great visual impact, whether laid conventionally or in their many applications in design, including fixtures, furnishings, kitchen and bathroom countertops, consoles, stairs, doors and seating.
Ultra Ariostea maxi-slabs offer an innovative solution made of high-tech porcelain which can cover up to 4.5 square metres, also available in numerous sub-multiples and finishes with a thickness of only 6 mm, guaranteeing complete creative freedom and flexibility for projects of all kinds.
The neutral colours in the Ultra Ariostea catalogue add to the attraction of spaces with power and simplicity, as none of their surfaces are truly homogeneous and pure, but enriched with irregular veining and streaking adding depth and creating a dynamic textured look.
The most recent proposals from Ultra Marmi in neutral hues include Daino Grigio, Tundra Grey and Pulpis Bronze, featured in the gallery here. 
Daino Grigio reinterprets the veining of a rare and precious marble in an updated version featuring irregular grooves and veins of different depths. The result is an intense ceramic slab with fluid, almost pictorial motion. 
By appropriately juxtaposing maxi-slabs, spaces can be made to appear larger, adding dynamism and depth with a surface abounding in details.
The marble inspiring Tundra Grey comes from Turkey, and is silvery in colour with a soft, cloudy texture. Sophisticated, delicate Tundra Grey goes perfectly with a variety of different materials and adds prestige to the design of home decorating accessories, furnishings, and kitchen and vanity countertops.
In Pulpis Bronze, ”thin golden and hazelnut veins mark a luminous bronze background creating an irregular pattern that plays with delicate shades and different levels of depth". This material is warmer and more intense that the other surfaces we have looked at, ideal for warming up the atmosphere in spaces of all kinds, particularly bathrooms and wellness areas.

Marco Privato