SPA & Wellness with Eiffelgres ceramic coverings

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In the harmonious, relaxing context of leisure facilities, Eiffelgres porcelain tiles underline surface design and contribute to the sensation of overall well-being and inner balance

SPA & Wellness with Eiffelgres ceramic coverings

Remise en forme: a relaxing holiday with spa treatments to get back into top physical and mental condition is a very valuable, often essential part of life. At one time relaxation and wellness was exclusively the concern of spas and holiday resorts, but wellness facilities can now be found in cities large and small, in hotels, farm holiday establishments and community swimming pools.
Many architectural practices have specialised in creation of spas, wellness centres and beauty farms, which are among the most common searches conducted on the web today. The design of such wellness facilities is clearly a natural part of the comfort that guests of such facilities expect.
These are buildings with a focus on achieving balance between body and mind, that do away with the time factor and add primordial natural elements (steam, water, vegetation, natural sounds, soft light).

Many Eiffelgres projects involve use of porcelain tiles in hotels and wellness centres, including both indoor and outdoor flooring. Examples include the Hotel Excelsior (Pesaro, Italy); Hotel & Spa Bad Waltersdorf (Vienna, Austria); Toskana-Therme (Bad Sulza, Germany); Hotel Holiday Club (Saint Petersburg, Russia); Hotel Montana (St. Anton, Austria); Aquadrom (Graal-Muritz, Germany). Highly resistant, hygienic and easy to clean, Eiffelgres’s high-tech porcelain is the perfect material for particularly damp places subject to extreme temperature changes. Eiffelgres porcelain (made with asustainable production process with a strong focus on overall environmental impact) is characterised by "hardness, frost-proofness and impermeability (...) with all the attraction of natural stone, with no need for enamelling". Many of the company’s collections are perfect for use in leisure centres, including Sensible, Pietralavica, and Pietra di Lichtenberg.

Sensible (designed by Mauro Bellei) is a porcelain tile with a particularly bold visual impact; available in 6 colours (White, Cream, Red, Green, Grey, Black), Sensible makes expressiveness its strong point. Used in numerous contexts, it is particularly popular for leisure facilities thanks to the light effects and tricks of perception that can be created using 3 different surface finishes: Sign, Rise and Bush-hammered.
In 6 colours (Starwhite, Sand, Pearlgrey, Darkgrey, Chocolate, Brown) inspired by the material it is named after, lava, Pietralavica is a ceramic product that combines traditional colours with a contemporary look recalling urban and industrial architecture.
Pietra di Lichtenberg stands out for its warmth and radiance: the famous lithographic stone it is named after is known for its purity, inspiring ceramic tiles that stand out for their harmonious colours.