Contemporary suggestions: dark Eiffelgres floors


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A captivating solution for indoor floors in a contemporary style created by the dark shades of Eiffelgres porcelain. Lastranera, Grafite and MM_Alchemy in the Rust colour variant create effects and interplays of light and furnishings, suggesting new aesthetic languages and altering the perception of the space.

Contemporary suggestions: dark Eiffelgres floors
Dark floors can be an excellent solution for contemporary interiors, ensuring a touch of elegance and modernity in homes, offices, showrooms, stores and various types of businesses.
Marble and stone in dark shades have always covered villas and palaces, especially when paired with furnishings in a traditional or contemporary style. Today porcelain, the best product for floors and coverings on the market in terms of technical quality and aesthetic range, offers an important variety of floors and coverings in dark shades.
The many effects of porcelain tiles (natural stone, natural marble and wood effects, as well as new post-industrial styles like metal effects) offer a great deal of freedom in composition and many possibilities for customising a space.
In a contemporary style, with floors in dark porcelain, there are endless opportunities for matching with furnishings, walls and accessories in the most diverse colours, as well as, obviously, white, for more classical, popular combinations. In a more classical style, you can play with shades and tones of other dark colours, to give a more inviting, welcoming feel.
The space that one perceives with dark floors is, in general, smaller. It is therefore essential to use the best natural and artificial lighting to create an extremely customised, original environment.
In its many E-Style and E-Stone collectionsEiffelgres presents a wide range of dark coloured porcelain tiles for interiors and exteriors.
Notable examples are the porcelain tile collections Lastranera, Grafite and the new MM_Alchemy collection from the MegaMicro range, the largest formats on sale (up to 300x150 cm) with a reduced thickness of 6 mm.
The perfect reproduction of natural slate, Lastranera is available in numerous formats, special pieces, laser decorated and on meshes for homes in the most wide ranging styles, mainly modern and contemporary.
The feature of Grafite is its "strong, incisive and dynamic appearance" with special formats, pieces and mosaics that make Grafite floors and coverings true elements of design.
Both Lastranera and Grafite have a range of mosaics that are highly versatile and practical: bubble, mattoncino, mosaico, quadrotta sfalsata and scratch and stick.
In the Rust colour variant, the new MM_Alchemy collection echoes the suggestions of the darkest earth for a “lived-in effect”.
Its elegant aesthetics and versatility make it the main feature of homes and it is easy to match Alchemy with the widest range of furniture and accessories, from minimalist to post-industrial style.

Marco Privato


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