SapienStone kitchen countertops for all styles, from classic to contemporary

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The SapienStone countertop offers an innovative solution for everyday problems both large and small in today’s increasingly refined and customised kitchens, thanks to the quality of the Iris Ceramica Group’s high-end porcelain. The numerous looks available in the catalogue, ranging from marble to new wood-effect products such as Rovere Baio and Rovere Buckskin, customise kitchens in classic and contemporary styles, proposing high-performing solutions such as the TPB Tech® integrated induction cooker

SapienStone kitchen countertops for all styles, from classic to contemporary
The centre of the home, frequently featured on television shows and social networks, the kitchen is the room where the majority of family and social relationships unfold.
The way we perceive the kitchen has changed considerably in recent years thanks to the attention the media has been devoting to all aspects involved in the preparation of food. 
The kitchen is ideally represented through its practicality, appearance and use of new technologies. Curiosities both large and small make the most of every corner and secret in the kitchen, from the raw materials the chefs use to advice on how to lay the table and decorate it for holidays and special occasions, how to serve guests and present your cooking in the best possible way.
The image of the contemporary kitchen that emerges is highly varied, and everyone can find their own source of inspiration, customising it on the basis of their needs, according to their tastes and the amount of space available.
Surfaces both large and small, various planes and countertops, constitute an important element of the kitchen. In addition to meal preparation, the kitchen countertop is continually used as a resting place for items and accessories, small appliances, cutlery and cooking implements, often at high temperature.
On the basis of these practical observations, Italy’s Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in the manufacture of ceramic products with a vocation for seeking the best interior design solutions, established the SapienStone brand to make high-quality porcelain kitchen countertops.
Ideal for all kinds of contemporary kitchens, SapienStone offers the market significant technical, aesthetic and hygienic benefits, optimising time spent in the kitchen and the performance of the materials used, increasing their efficiency and preventing them from deteriorating.
The SapienStone kitchen countertop stands out from other products for the unmatched quality of the porcelain and expertise of the Iris Ceramica Group. 
Acknowledged, certified properties such as non-absorbency, strength and easy cleaning ensure that the SapienStone kitchen countertop remains practically unaltered over the years in both technical and aesthetic terms, despite wear and everyday contact with chemical cleaning products, utensils and heat.
The SapienStone kitchen countertop is a truly hygienic and scratch-proof product, so cooks can work with their ingredients right on its surface.
The effects reproduced in SapienStone porcelain include the appearance of the best stones, cements and marbles. This potential has recently been expanded with the addition of two new surfaces inspired by the warmth of wood, dark Rovere Baio and lighter Rovere Buckskin, completing a highly varied range capable of responding to the demands of all tastes, from the most classic to the most sophisticated.
Rovere Baio and Buckskin are available with a natural finish and a slightly textured surface, designed with a specially developed enamel that makes them feel soft to the touch, ideal for the kitchen countertop.
The gallery shows photographs of the two collections alongside the refined pure black of Uni Pepper, a colour included, along with Uni Ice, in SapienStone’s collection of monochrome surfaces. 
Uni Pepper is all about black, "profound and mysterious, capable of giving the kitchen an unrivalled elegance” and uncommon versatility.
LivingKitchen 2019
SapienStone participated in LivingKitchen 2019 in Cologne with other Iris Ceramica Group brands, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti and Iris Ceramica.
The company exhibited two kitchens at this important January kitchen trade fair. The first kitchen included "an island with a washbasin integrated into the worktop, a combination of SapienStone’s Rovere Buckskin surface and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s Grey Citystone".
In the second kitchen, positioned in a central island in the stand, a harmonious solution of Arabescato marble with a SapienStone countertop appeared with surfaces from FMG’s Maxfine Marmi line. This kitchen countertop featured an innovative TPB Tech® Basalt Black integrated induction cooker
The product of the Iris Ceramica Group company’s partnership with TPB Top Porzelanik Barcelona® of Spain, the TPB tech® induction cooker integrated into the SapienStone countertop represents the perfect combination of design and technology.
With new generation induction elements and touch controls, the worktop is optimised in the cooking area, permitting flexible positioning of induction elements wherever desired.
The many benefits offered by this system include an unalterable appearance thanks to resistance to heat, temperature excursions, stains, and acidic and corrosive agents
The low maintenance and extremely easy cleaning of this surface makes it exceptionally hygienic and safe, as the surface will only heat up when in contact with pots and pans.

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