Quartz_Stone: contemporary design for indoor and outdoor flooring

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In its Quartz_Stone collection of porcelain tiles, Porcelaingres has created a covering inspired by natural stone that is pure contemporary design: simple, versatile and easy to combine and customise

Quartz_Stone: contemporary design for indoor and outdoor flooring
The choice of the best indoor and outdoor flooring is the first step in creating the perfect atmosphere in the home.
The best product available for making and customising all home surfaces, both indoors and out, is unalterable, versatile porcelain: the only material combining advanced technical performance with original morphological and aesthetic properties. What nature moulds over tens of thousands of years is speeded up in the process of making high-tech porcelain, drawing on the same principles as nature but with high temperature furnaces and a selected combination of minerals, clays, quartzes, kaolins, feldspars and colours of mineral origin.
In its production plant in Vetschau, Porcelaingres creates new generation porcelain tiles through highly ecological natural processes, recycling crushed parts and scrap pieces.
Process water is treated and the energy necessary for production is produced independently.
The many Porcelaingres high-tech porcelain collections explore all the principal effects for indoor and outdoor flooring: floors that look like wood, cement, marble and natural stone. 
The 4 varieties of Quartz_Stone porcelain slabs, Superblack, Black, Beige and Grey, represent the infinite aesthetic potential of stone, "sublimely juxtaposing strength and hardness with clean, sober design"
Delicate, harmonious, original textures give Quartz_Stone porcelain tiles a "unique distinguishing feature of great prestige".
A symbol of energy and strength, the black colour of Quartz_Stone stands for elegance and innovation, both indoors and out.
Hues of grey fill spaces with power and dynamism, giving them an authentic, brightly lit look with a bold, material impact.
The classicism and sobriety of beige adds warmth to spaces, with soft, refined underlining of architectural elements, corners and furnishing accessories.
Proposed in thicknesses of 8 to 20 mm, the different hues of Quartz_Stone permit creation of continuity between indoors and outdoors, becoming a cladding product that is also an outstanding element of contemporary design.

Marco Privato