Practical and lightweight: new H270 Maxfine slab sizes for covering surfaces and furnishings

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Manoeuvrable, flexible, easy to carry and install: the new sizes in FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s H270 programme are designed to make interior decorating easy. Available in the 270x120 and 120x120 cm sizes in an interesting variety of marble, stone and Venetian terrazzo effects, these materials offer architects and designers new potential with a sustainable production method that prevents waste and scrap from cutting.

Practical and lightweight: new H270 Maxfine slab sizes for covering surfaces and furnishings
Design fans will be familiar with the many aesthetic qualities of high-tech ceramic and its undeniably vast choice of effects, colours and textures.
These factors have made the material very popular on the market in recent years, also thanks to its unique certified technical performance including qualities such as strength, inalterability, easy cleaning and durability.  In addition to these widely acknowledged properties, architects, distributors and installers appreciate other aspects of great importance such as practicality and light weight. In the final analysis, high-tech porcelain is an extremely ductile and versatile product!
This is clear in the great variety of projects featuring ceramic surface coverings both indoors and outdoors, ranging from homes to projects in the contract industry, retail, hospitality and wellness, to mention only a few applications. And in fact high-tech ceramic can be discrete and consistent, putting itself at the service of architectural form and volumes, or it may be the key to the design, especially when maxi-slabs are used to ensure visual continuity, suggesting colour combinations and permitting use of matching furniture and other materials. 
Maxi-slabs have extended the presence of ceramic into trendy furnishings, offering the opportunity to give form to custom-made tables, worktops, consoles and chairs, as well as staircases, doors, tabletops, washbasins, kitchen countertops and shower trays. This presence is promoted by their large size and reduced thickness, qualities guaranteeing the light weight and versatility so sought-after among designers. With all these features, despite their imposing size, ceramic maxi-slabs are highly manoeuvrable, flexible, and easy to transport and install.
To promote custom ceramics, personalising and simplifying the creation of architecturally designed spaces, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti has come up with a further evolution of ceramic maxi-slabs, creating two new maxi-slab sizes.
These are surfaces in the H270 Maxfine programme inspired by marbles (White Calacatta, Bianco Venato Extra, Calacatta Grey, Aosta Green Marble, Black Marquina, Sahara Noir), Venetian terrazzo flooring (Venice Zinc, Venice Ivory) and stones (Lunar Stone, Tyrol Stone).
The two new maxi-slab sizes encourage exploration of the spatial qualities of contemporary living. The 270x120 cm slab is a new size appropriate for the requirements of liveability and therefore optimal as a wall covering in residential, commercial and public spaces. These materials are also valuable aids in renovation projects, as they "simplify the refurbishment of floors and walls with no need to remove existing materials" and the new sizes is "perfect for installing up to the ceiling as it eliminates cutting and waste by corresponding to standard room height, which is 270 cm", while the 120x120 cm slab size corresponds to the standard size for shower trays. 
It’s important to remember that these new sizes prevent waste when slabs are cut to size on the construction site, making maxi-slabs particularly sustainable building materials, a concept that has always been very important to the Iris Ceramica Group, of which FMG is a member. What’s more, the 270x120 cm and 120x120 cm sizes are also perfect for creating custom-built furniture offering the exceptional performance typical of Maxfine slabs in terms of strength, flexibility, workability and durability.
The vast colour palette of the H270 programme is appropriate for a variety of different styles, to become a key factor in daily living.
Presented in the white marble varieties White Calacatta, Bianco Venato Extra and Calacatta Grey, the material reflects today’s trendiest, most refined colours and material qualities. These elegant, refined ceramic slabs fit naturally into the cosiest spaces in the home, from the kitchen to the living room and the bathroom, adding light, delicacy and a sophisticated luxurious touch.
These features are shared by the darker marbles in the H270 collection: Black Marquina, Sahara Noir and the deep green Aosta Green Marble.
Bold, never banal surfaces, with a great propensity for decoration, in which all surfaces, however large or small, become elements of design, adding power and personality to any space.
Thanks to their innate expressive component, the two Venetian surfaces in the H270 collection, Venice Zinc and Venice Ivory, embrace all the elegance of traditional Italian craftsmanship, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist for a snug, relaxing atmosphere perfect not only in the home but in projects such as luxury store design. 
With the chromatic variety of their inclusions, Venice Zinc and Venice Ivory go perfectly with other materials in the Maxfine collections, such as black surfaces Sahara Noir and Black Marquina, to create a captivating effect of contrasting colours.
Lastly, the design trend toward neutral colours, which have always been much appreciated on the ceramic market, is reflected in the stone-effect surfaces Tyrol Stone and Lunar Stone, two practical, inspiring new solutions characterised by a subtle realism.
Their variety of light and dark hues contributes a delicate dynamism that adds to the value of surfaces, enhancing perception of their wealth of detail.

Marco Privato


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