Porcelaingres wood effect flooring: warm, cosy atmospheres for the home

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Dependable, versatile porcelain in Porcelaingres’s In-Wood and Grove Wood wood-effect collections evokes the power, warmth and timeless charm of one of the best-known and most refined varieties of wood for traditional yet contemporary homes

Porcelaingres wood effect flooring: warm, cosy atmospheres for the home
What are the best flooring materials for the home? What are the most important qualities for surfaces? What floor and wall coverings are most appropriate for different spaces in the home?
When choosing surfaces for the home, the most important questions are answered by solid porcelain, the only material capable of providing a long-term guarantee of technical and aesthetic properties.
Porcelain maintains all the morphological and aesthetic properties of natural materials (stone, wood, marbles), eliminating their defects for a highly dependable and versatile final product that goes well with finishes and furnishings in any style.
Customising the home becomes easier and more enjoyable when you can choose between numerous different varieties, colours and effects, as in the many collections of porcelain floor and wall coverings offered by Porcelaingres.
Porcelaingres produces wood-effect flooring materials in the In-Wood and Grove Wood collections, among the most refined and appreciated modern surfaces.
The charm of wood, one of the most natural, warm and cosy materials, goes perfectly with residential interiors and exteriors and permits unique customisation of residential spaces.
Porcelaingres wood-effect floors can be laid in kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms in any kind of home with the same effectiveness and timeless beauty, increasing the attractiveness of situations of visual continuity between interior and exterior.
There is in fact a clear perception of amplification of space, with a truly fascinating sensorial effect, in living areas adjacent to terraces and balconies, where natural light flows into the room through large windows. The evocative power of wood is expressed to the utmost with this additional light and the vicinity of green areas.
"The beautiful story that may be read between the lines of tree bark" is the starting point for creation of In_Wood, available in 6 varieties in burnished and neutral hues, conveying sensations that are both classic and innovative. 
Available in 6 colours (Choco, Grey, Rust, Honey, Birch and Ice, listed from darker to lighter) and 2 strip formats, Grove Wood is intended to be "a “passe-partout” for the look of the home", completed with decorative pieces for floors and walls.
Easy to clean and to mix and match, both In-Wood and Grove Wood claim versatility and strength as their strong points; two contemporary flooring products that draw on tradition, ideal for creating unique personalised atmospheres in every space in the home.

Marco Privato