Porcelain: the perfect surface for the kitchen

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Iris Ceramica’s porcelain floor and wall coverings can be used to create the ideal kitchen: a place combining tradition with modernity, with a unique touch in your own personal style

Porcelain: the perfect surface for the kitchen

The kitchen represents the domestic hearth, and is recognised as one of the most important spaces in today’s homes. In the Chinese art of feng shui, which has studied the layout and orientation of spaces and objects for thousands of years in search of the perfect balance between the soul and the environment, the kitchen is seen as the most important part of the home, along with the bedroom.  It is where food is prepared for the household, and hence the place that “nourishes” the entire home.

Today plenty of websites, videos and television programmes offer us advice on how to create the perfect kitchen for ourselves and our families, concentrating different skills and points of view to offer the most practical responses to our requirements. The common goal of these very different sources of inspiration is to achieve the ideal kitchen, with advice and recommendations on the best furnishings and galleries featuring fascinating new kitchens and trendy designs now on the market. But the first step toward putting together the ideal kitchen is choosing the surfaces to cover the floors and walls, to which you may later add a worktop: a very important and frequently used surface. Iris Ceramica offers a series of environments and compositions of porcelain tiles for the kitchen.

With the multitude of possibilities offered by Iris porcelain tiles, and in response to the broadest definition of the “ideal kitchen”, it is now possible to combine the best of contemporary design with the suggestions and inspiration of an important classical stylistic tradition. First of all, kitchen floors and walls are always of primary importance, as they are subject to a lot of wear and frequently come into contact with chemicals during cleaning. These everyday practical considerations make porcelain the best material for kitchen tiles. Porcelain tiles are strong and unalterable, easy to clean and cannot be damaged by water, a precious resources in a space which, like the bathroom, is frequently in contact with water, steam and moisture. Iris collections can be coordinated to create kitchens in modern, rustic, country or classic styles. Available sizes range from 20x20cm tiles to big tiles, with a variety of mosaic tiles, colours and decorative pieces in all kinds of styles. And the importance of the decorative aspect should not be underestimated: the kitchen can be customised through a series of canons which are not rational but instinctive, and elements such as decorations and original colour combinations offer a vast range of possible solutions.

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