Pietra di Bilbao: timeless beauty for walls and floors

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The new Iris Ceramica collection reinterprets the aesthetics of natural stones characterised by a truly timeless beauty. Pietra di Bilbao is a line offering relaxing, natural and soothing colours, where delicate chromatic vibrations enhance a ceramic slab designed to cover any type of interior. Textured yet pleasant to the touch, Pietra di Bilbao is a trendy solution for home 2022 design projects, and in particular for spaces characterised by an essential and functional style.

Pietra di Bilbao: timeless beauty for walls and floors
In contemporary interiors, stone has kept its natural beauty and elegance intact. A material that is easy to coordinate and fascinating in its wide range of surfaces for interiors and exteriors, the aesthetics of stone – always extremely familiar and engaging from the very first glance – offer themselves as a solution adaptable to many styles, even when we look forward to the design of the 2022 home.
Research in the surfaces market has, in fact, confirmed a very positive trend for this type of material, and in particular for high-tech ceramics, seamlessly able to combine, in a single product, the resistance of porcelain with the different textures and colours of the most sought-after types of stone.
Why choose stone-effect high-tech ceramics for floor and wall coverings?
There are a few reasons... First of all, the special processes involved in the production of porcelain, thanks to the use of presses and the firing in kilns at very high temperatures, help create an extremely compact and non-absorbent product.
Moreover, ceramic slabs are superior to the original material, including stone, as the processing helps eliminate a number of important defects and irregularities such as fractures, porosity, schistosity, alveoli as well as chromatic variations. No doubt, this ideal combination of technical and aesthetic performance is one of the main solutions available for new constructions and restyling projects.
Additionally, stone is transversal between different styles, so much so that it is often used in projects inspired by classic, as well as modern and contemporary designs.
It can also be used outdoors, where possible creating an interesting effect of continuity between in and outdoors. Finally, we must of course mention the real strength of the stone: the wide array of colours available.
The stone colour palette is as diverse as it is trendy, rich in nuances and vibrations that make it possible to easily bring to life tailor-made spaces, for the home but also for offices, public and collective places.
Iris Ceramica, a reference brand of the excellence of products made in Italy and of high-tech ceramics, looks at stone as one of the most interesting solutions in the 2022 surfaces panorama. All the characteristics described earlier – resistance, reliability, versatility and a timeless aesthetic beauty – thus become central elements in the various collections of the Iris Ceramica catalogue. With a range of over 50 collections and over 2500 products, Iris Ceramica boasts an incredible 60 years of commitment and innovation, technique and aesthetics, with the production of "ceramic creations with a high technical-aesthetic value, characterised by the excellence of an advanced design recognised by countless international awards and honours".
The products are the direct result of the company’s internal research and development, starting from a know-how that perfectly combines innovation and technical advancements with traditional craftsmanship and in compliance with the most stringent standards of sustainability, both process and product related.< / div>
The latest collection created by Iris Ceramica is the elegant Pietra di Bilbao, characterised by relaxing colours and delicate colour vibrations, all in the name of lightness: a collection that lends itself perfectly to easily covering the interior spaces of any type.
Featuring 4 colours – Black, Grey, Ice and SandPietra di Bilbao explores sandy shades, as well as neutral and grey hues. A colour palette inspired by neutral shades and thus able to outline "a decisive surface, rich in natural details", as well as to instil spaces – and above all those characterised by an essential style – with a strong sense of personality.
The ease with which they can be matched and combined expands the solutions offered by Pietra di Bilbao, ranging from minimal spaces that embrace a modern and contemporary style, to the most traditional and vintage interiors.
Pleasant to the touch, the surfaces featured in the collection are, nevertheless, strongly textured, while the soft veining and natural tones are perfect to cover both walls and floors with contemporary elegance.

Marco Privato

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