Outdoor Special: new Porcelaingres outdoor solutions

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Gardens, pools, patios and public places: with Outdoor Special, Porcelaingres introduces new potential for surface coverings in home gardens with the quality of new generation porcelain. Alongside outdoor paving materials, the company offers numerous items of furniture and original wall coverings for customising the home and extending it out of doors

Outdoor Special: new Porcelaingres outdoor solutions
There have been a lot of new developments in the design of outdoor spaces for the home in recent years, with new furnishings and online projects encouraging curiosity and creativity.
In addition, we are seeing a new awareness of environmental sustainability and the importance of greenery, thanks to growing awareness of landscape design through events, conventions and academic programmes. 
In the home, reclamation of materials originally designed for other functions and scrap represents an opportunity to rediscover the outdoors, dedicating more time to gardens both large and small.
Viewed as an extension of the home, outdoor spaces can easily take on a particular atmosphere of their own, becoming places of relaxation and conviviality, altered on the basis of the natural flow of the seasons and reborn every spring.
Surface coverings play an essential role in residential and public spaces alike.
This is why Porcelaingres dedicates special attention to the most innovative solutions for outdoor areas such as gardens, pools and patios.
In its new Outdoor Special line, Porcelaingres offers a series of special items and new products for "architects, designers and private citizens who want to create unique outdoor solutions, allowing them to establish continuity with indoor spaces".
Thanks to the aesthetic and technical potential of porcelain, it is now possible not only to use the same flooring materials indoors and outdoors, but to produce matching items of furniture.
The Outdoor Special line includes pathways, wall covers, steps, flowerpots, flower beds and covering materials for the garden as well as benches and tables, ponds and swimming pools.
These elegant yet practical solutions are available in a vast range of different colours with a variety of different finishes and effects, including stone, cement and wood, in the many Porcelaingres collections designed to inspire and to guarantee the utmost freedom in design and customisation of spaces.
Compared to the materials inspiring them, which are susceptible to flaws, changes over the course of time and stress caused by weather, porcelain remains unaltered thanks to its unique qualities of resistance and dependability, even though it is only 20 mm thick.
The perfect solution for creating customised outdoor and urban spaces that can be adapted to suit different styles, landscapes and urban settings!

Marco Privato


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