New Marmi Maximum colours for bright, refined spaces

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Large slab sizes make the new colours in Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ Marmi Maximum collection the perfect solution not only for floors and walls, but for furnishings and custom-designed elements. Inspired by prestigious marbles, the nine new colours anticipate the design trend toward refined, original colours not only for the home of 2022 but for hospitality facilities and spas, shops and showrooms, bars and restaurants, medical clinics and offices

New Marmi Maximum colours for bright, refined spaces
Colours and the variety of surface textures play a key role in interior design for 2022.
The attractive original colours selected by designers for various surface coverings add to the prestige of the home, adding a fresh touch and permitting easy combination with natural and eco-friendly furnishings.
The autumn fairs featured plenty of warm, vibrant colours such as green, red and blue in a palette of prestigious hues leaving behind the austerity of last year’s colours.
These new solutions for today’s homes go naturally with timeless neutral hues such as whites, greys and beiges.
In any case, it is once again the materials that make all the difference, in homes of all kinds as well as commercial, public and collective spaces.
Choice of the best materials for surfaces and furnishings permits the utmost customisation of spaces, going beyond schematic styles to create your own custom-designed spaces.
In this sense, high-tech ceramic has a major contribution to make to the design of surfaces for 2022, with its originality anticipating the key trends of the months to come.
Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, an Iris Ceramica Group company, is a pioneer and leader in the production of quality full-body porcelain, released on the market for the first time by the company back in 1969.
The evolution of technology is an innate quality of Fiandre, translating into new solutions improving homes and quality of life, as demonstrated by the countless applications that may be found around the world.
Fiandre renews one of its top collections, Marmi Maximum, recently expanded with new sizes and now with new colours following the latest trends in the industry.
Available in 300x150 cm maxi-slabs and numerous sub-multiples, the nine product lines offer the utmost variety of composition on floors and walls, and can also be installed on ventilated façades.
The added value offered by these large surfaces only 6 mm thick is that they offer the ideal solution not only for covering large spaces, but for creating custom-designed items of furniture, such as bathroom furnishings, tables and countertops, sliding doors, moveable partitions, wall-hung cabinets and chairs.
Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’s ceramic slabs are absolutely top quality: Maximum surfaces combine the properties of resistance, durability and easy cleaning and maintenance with a sustainable soul, thanks to production "in zero emissions plants where processing scrap is put back into the production cycle: this makes it much more sustainable while preserving natural resources".
New Marmi Maximum: nine new colours for interior design in 2022
In aesthetic terms, the nine new colours anticipate the design trend toward refined, original colours for the home of 2022. 
Bardiglio Sublime is a surface the colour of a pale grey sky, with a microcrystalline texture and a glassy soul. The veins in the marble alternate clouds with threads to create a cloudy surface.
Highly decorative, with its free polychrome pattern, Breccia Mirabile reinterprets the nobility of a marble traditionally quarried in the Apuan Alps over the centuries, ideal for today’s highly expressive, sophisticated spaces.
In Calacatta Dorato, greyish and golden veining creates dynamic discontinuous patterns against an ivory background. "The accuracy of details such as streaks and crystallizations enhances the sophisticated texture."
Inspired by Italian marble, Cremo Superiore has a background "crossed lengthways by an evanescent cascade of bands and stripes". Its principal aesthetic feature is its almost rarefied texture of elegant fine pearl grey and deep beige veining.
Lepanto Rubino stands out for its magnificent, powerful, unexpected appearance. The dense grid of white veining over its purple and burgundy surface is interrupted here and there by the dark, colder intrusions that give it its decorative spirit.
Nero Damascato is Fiandre’s most dramatic marble: "like a theatre backdrop, marble stages performances lit by a strong decorative ardour". Mineral swirls like burnished gold flames explode on the surface, warming and enhancing a mineral coat with a mysterious, dramatic appeal with their undulating movement."
Fiandre’s other dark marble, Grand Carnico, is more diverse in appearance. 
Different levels of graphics stand out against its limestone grey background, with white veins that "leave scattered graffiti, as if made with a pencil; right below them, the crystalline pigments of the base can be seen between the meshes of a very fine net of ash-coloured minerals". 
The depth of a variegated statuary blue is perfectly expressed in Divine Blue ceramic slabs. Intense, precious and exotic, its dominant colour offers plenty of strength and lightness; fine longitudinal stripes add intensity and prestige.
Majestic Onyx is one of Fiandre’s most sophisticated, elegant marbles: "a pattern of beige and creamy white streaks runs through the brown marble coat, continuously evolving into new shapes and shades." 
Minerals blossom like flowers against its background and then gently dissolve, forming playful but particularly elegant patterns.

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