Il Veneziano: new kitchen surfaces from Sapienstone

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Ancient yet undeniably modern, terrazzo is given a new lease of life in a new collection of kitchen countertops from SapienStone, with neutral shades including Seminato Candido, Beige and Nero.
Thanks to the small fragments of material in the surface, the aesthetic of the Il Veneziano collection adds a splash of dynamism and timeless elegance to any kitchen: the ideal pairing for the technical performance of full-body porcelain

Il Veneziano: new kitchen surfaces from Sapienstone
Some coverings still retain all the charm of a centuries-old tradition to this day, thanks to an aesthetic - combined with boundless iconic value - that is redolent of fine craftsmanship.
Presented in yet another innovative technical format - such as, for example, next-generation high-tech ceramic - these surfaces are highly sought-after in today’s ceramic market.
The ability to seamlessly blend the soul of tradition with that of the modern world, all in a single product, is considered an added value in that it allows the space to reinvent its style over the years.
One of these surfaces is undoubtedly terrazzo: a texture which has seen an unprecedented revival in recent years, both as flooring and for furnishings, after having been the preserve of villas, stately homes and places of worship for centuries.
Indeed, in recent years, high-tech ceramic has proven capable of bringing back the captivating aesthetic of this ancient and noble flooring, made up of stones and granules, by combining the performance of next-generation ceramics with the timeless appeal of the style. The versatility of terrazzo also makes it an excellent option for elegant contemporary renovations that aim to respect the building’s historic architecture and interiors.
Historically, terrazzo has age-old roots that date all the way back to Ancient Greece. It was produced by mixing together crushed scrap materials from the processing of marble and stone, then mixing them into binders such as lime or concrete. The marble inlays, originally most likely incorporated for aesthetic purposes, actually proved to bolster the strength and durability of the floor over time.
With its extensive use in the villas and palaces of nobility over the years, especially in the Venice area, the use of terrazzo continued to spread considerably, eventually causing it to be recognised as having a certain aesthetic nobility, so much so that it was long associated with the luxurious interiors of impressive mansions. Not only that, but its decorative component has also sparked new waves of popularity in more recent eras, such as in the early twentieth century, during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco phases.
High-tech ceramic, ever attentive to both the evolution and reclamation of traditional materials for surfaces, has explored the new possibilities offered by terrazzo, as can be seen in the new kitchen range from SapienStone.
Thanks to the decades of expertise of holding company Iris Ceramica Group, which it is part of, SapienStone is the first brand designed specifically for both residential and professional kitchen countertops. The renowned durability of the ceramic material that it is made from makes it perfectly suitable for areas of intensive use such as kitchen countertops, where contact with hot and cold utensils, acidic and corrosive products, and the use of blades and knives could otherwise easily damage the surface.
Thanks to its innate strength, SapienStone porcelain prevents any of this from happening, instead preserving the aesthetic beauty of the kitchen countertop for many years, even after constant daily cleaning. SapienStone surfaces are also made from natural raw materials and produced using sustainable processes in zero-emission facilities.
For its 2022 designs, SapienStone is bringing back the aesthetic of terrazzo by creating three new full-body porcelain countertops: Seminato Candido, Seminato Beige and Seminato Nero, recently presented at Cersaie 2021 in the exhibition space as well as an interactive installation entitled “THE PERFECT BLEND. Foresighted Surfaces for a Sustainable Beauty” dedicated to the Group’s values and concept.
The 12mm-thick version showcases “the beautiful decoration on the surface: small textured fragments give life to an everlasting material, thus demonstrating the brand’s technological expertise in manufacturing full-body porcelain. This is an added value that enhances the design of the countertop, which has been perfected down to the smallest detail by SapienStone”.
In terms of colours, meanwhile, SapienStone has opted for neutral shades which are adaptable and perfectly suited to both modern kitchens and more traditional ones, in that they have the ability to lend any space an ideal blend of elegance and dynamism.
The three products are available in a large slab size measuring 320x150 cm: a size that can cover vast areas seamlessly. Meanwhile, two finishes are available: Natural, for a more understated effect, and Polished, for a brilliant shine on any surface.
As with all the other surfaces in its extensive catalogue, the beauty of SapienStone terrazzo, paired with the technical characteristics of high-tech porcelain, makes for “safe, hygienic surfaces designed for the wellbeing of those who use them”.

Marco Privato