Iconic, vintage, informal: the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica lifestyle

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The all-Italian partnership between Diesel Living and Iris Ceramica expands its range with the new Liquid Stone, City Lights and Alurock collections. What emerges in a basically neutral colour palette is the dynamism of the details, fluidity and a bold expressive component. Captivating and original, the new collections reinterpret images and styles from the collective imagination to create a new contemporary iconography

Iconic, vintage, informal: the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica lifestyle
In the wake of a tradition of craftsmanship that continues to be synonymous with quality, the best Italian design gives rise to products with a bold personality combining classic style with innovative aspects.
Italian design in all fields has always revealed an energetic aptitude for experimentation and a strong dose of creativity, always finding an original balance between form, function and aesthetic novelty.
These features can now be found in Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica ceramic materials.
Right from the first collections, the partnership between these two giants of Italian style has stood out for its innovative approach to the world of surfaces, creating numerous highly varied collections appreciated by the market and critics alike.
Established in 2008 as a collection of fabrics, Diesel Living expresses the leading clothing brand’s original vision in interior design. Constantly drawing inspiration from today’s pop iconography, Diesel Living stands out for its wide-ranging, lively, evocative and experimental vision which is frequently ironic, bold and surreal.
Diesel Living has created several widely acclaimed collections with key interior design brands, including Iris Ceramica since 2016.
Setting the standard in production of high-tech porcelain for several decades, Iris Ceramica offers an impressive variety of floor and wall coverings characterising the modern age in international design.
On the basis of extremely natural products, ceramics, "a union of earth and fire, created by man, that partners, protects and enhances the natural, essential elements that surround him", Iris Ceramica and its products help improve the quality of life, creating spaces “on a human scale” based on the objective criteria of beauty and sustainability.
The encounter of Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica naturally gave rise to a heterogeneous new concept of contemporary surface combining many of the two brands’ key technical and aesthetic properties.
The latest new collections, Liquid Stone, City Lights and Alurock, (link) continue this form of expression.
The six colours of Liquid Stone, all of which are neutral hues against a natural background, are presented as em>"hypnotic textures", a definition which is perfectly appropriate for a stone that almost dances, dynamic and perennially changing. The constant work of time underlined here characterises spaces of all kinds with a particularly fascinating and elusive atmosphere.
As in big slabs of Liquid Cosmo (link), here too what we have is a "liquid emotion". In the aesthetics of ceramics, as in all natural processes, what we see is part of a larger story, of which we can only just glimpse the scale, reproducing a small part of it.
The urban atmosphere of City Lights is completely different: "an eternal and inexhaustible torch" rising out of a dense grid of little squares to define a work of architecture that surrounds us and speaks of our cities and our daily lives.
The range of eight colours includes four "nocturnal" hues (Grey and Grey Colors, Night and Night Colors) with a contemporary character perfectly appropriate for small, cosy interiors, and not only in the home.
Of underground inspiration, Alurock is a collection of "concrete, dynamic materiality" which also differs from the others even while sharing the same dynamism and range of cold neutral hues. Little stripes run through the stone, suggesting and emphasising the flaws in the background colour. Here too, it is the little details that make the difference, adding expressiveness and eclecticism to surfaces.

Marco Privato