Hygienic, practical, safe surfaces: SapienStone kitchen countertops


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SapienStone kitchen countertops combine traditional Italian craftsmanship with the superior performance of Iris Ceramica Group high-tech porcelain in a cutting-edge product constituting a landmark in design for 2020, equally effective for bathroom countertops and outdoor tables

Hygienic, practical, safe surfaces: SapienStone kitchen countertops
In line with the principal design moods, kitchen and bathroom trends for 2020 are oriented toward increasing automation, associated with the choice of practical, sustainable, intelligent surfaces.
This is the result that has emerged from the first international trade shows of 2020, particularly the recent Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, a key event in the industry.
The reason for this is clear: use of practical materials makes life easier, with easy maintenance and design of spaces for everyday living.
In any case, the simplicity of the design concept inevitably clashes with the vast number of different materials, textures and new products available on the market, tending to generate confusion rather than helping in the choice of the ideal surfaces for our requirements.
In such a vast, highly varied scenario, it is also advisable to trust the advice of the design experts, as the kitchen and bathroom are not normally subject to frequent restyling.
Choosing the best possible material is therefore an essential step conditioning the subsequent stages in design. Such as choice of home appliances, which are constantly evolving; while it may be easy to get carried away with the latest new technological innovations, it’s always advisable to choose the appliances to suit the design of the kitchen, and not vice versa.
Choosing the best kitchen countertops, tables and washbasins is also a top priority because these surfaces are subject to wear, and are constantly in contact with moisture, containers and very hot utensils, chemical agents and home cleaning products.
Surfaces continue to play a key role in improving all aspects of practicality this year, with kitchen and bathroom countertops becoming key features of interior design in 2020.
Practicality and organisation are a few of the designers’ keywords for optimising use of even the tiniest spaces, hidden corners and details, to make them useable and accessible for all. 
Safety is another factor of primary importance which is increasingly in demand, and hygienic, easy to clean surfaces are definitely the key to the future of kitchens and bathrooms.
The material best combining top technical and aesthetic performance is still full-body porcelain. An innovative, resistant, anti-bacterial, easy-to-clean material, high-tech porcelain is the top product on the market for contemporary surfaces, for all kinds of uses: residential, commercial, public and community projects. The technical properties, large size and reduced thickness of high-tech porcelain also make it increasingly popular as a true home decorating accessory .
The Iris Ceramica Group, a world pioneer in ceramic products, has created the SapienStone brand specifically for kitchen countertops. The material’s performance also makes it suitable for the bathroom and for outdoor tables, as it is resistant to the heat of hairdryers, solvents and temperature changes.
Drawing on the expertise of the Iris Ceramica Group and the best Italian-made materials, SapienStone offers customisable solutions for all kinds of kitchen countertops, in any style. The company’s porcelain countertops are designed on the basis of the specific requirements of people who use their kitchens every day, whether in the home or in commercial applications such as bars, cafeterias and restaurants.
Present at the 2020 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show with the collections presented in the gallery (Rovere Buckskin, Arabescato, Pietra Grey and the new Fior Di Bosco), SapienStone offers a vast catalogue of trendy surfaces such as marbles, stones, cements and woods.
The SapienStone catalogue includes all the colours most frequently used in trendy kitchen countertops, such as whites, beiges, greys and blacks, many of which are available with two different finishes.
The aesthetic result is fascinating and extremely versatile in all colours, making kitchen countertops into true objects of design, to be used without problems in any situation, offering all the resistance to scratching and wear that only top-quality porcelain can guarantee.

Marco Privato


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