Elegant yet functional kitchens: SapienStone countertops in shades of grey

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Grey offers a wide range of possibilities in many rooms, especially in the kitchen. SapienStone countertops, inspired by famous marble and neutral stones, add a touch of natural charm to kitchens large and small - what’s more, they are easy to pair with other materials and a cinch to clean. What makes all the difference is the SapienStone material itself: a top-of-the-range high-tech ceramic that stands out thanks to its incredible resistance to scratches, abrasions, and contact with high temperatures, liquids and cleaning agents

Elegant yet functional kitchens: SapienStone countertops in shades of grey
According to the latest design trends, the kitchen is - as we have long believed - one of the central spaces in the home, above all thanks to the technical and aesthetic contributions being made by new materials.
Browsing through the latest and most popular hashtags, it is easy to see that kitchen design is currently in the midst of a long phase of continuous evolution.
Styles, combinations and high-tech innovations are all expressed at their finest in a truly vast catalogue of models and surfaces for the kitchen, each suited to different tastes, but most importantly, capable of satisfying everybody’s requirements.
As such, designs for large, open-plan kitchens in continuity with the living room feature solutions designed for smaller spaces - as is often the reality with city living - which need to meet an array of everyday needs without having to compromise on high quality and tasteful design.
In order to meet the various requirements and specific quirks of individual spaces, designers are now setting their sights on customisation and the long-term use of materials as priorities.
These are just two reasons to always opt for materials that allow for the customised use of space and that remain unchanged, even after years of intensive use, day in and day out.
Thanks to their structural composition rooted in compactness and impermeability, high-tech ceramic products meet both these requirements for living spaces, combining this excellent performance with an aesthetic variety that is truly unrivalled.
One clear example of this is the range from SapienStone, the first brand to create specific solutions for the kitchen made from high-tech ceramic, such as countertops, tables, peninsulas and islands, suitable for both residential and professional use.
The SapienStone kitchen countertop is the fruit of the decades of experience and uniquely Italian craftsmanship of Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in the design and production of high-end ceramic products for use in residential, commercial and industrial architecture projects.
SapienStone by Iris Ceramica Group is the ideal material for innovative kitchen countertops and tables suitable for all needs, even for outdoor use.
From a technical perspective, a SapienStone kitchen countertop guarantees the preservation of the aesthetic value of the slab in the long term, thanks to a product that has been at the cutting edge of the industry for years in terms of its resistance to high temperatures, scratches and abrasions, as well as any chemicals and common acids it may come into contact with.
The surfaces of a room like the kitchen - which see intensive use every single day and thus require regular cleaning and sanitisation - are constantly subjected to countless heat sources and potential risks, which is why high-tech ceramic is particularly recommended as a material, as these factors provide no challenge whatsoever and its versatility allows you to optimise the available space whilst avoiding additional costs, inconvenience, and potential maintenance work.
Aesthetically speaking, the effects and finishes of SapienStone add a touch of sophistication to kitchens, with textures inspired by different kinds of stone, concrete, marble and wood, amongst others.
The rich palette found in the SapienStone catalogue includes a broad spectrum of colours, ranging from darker shades to much lighter tones, as well as many neutral colours, especially an attractive selection of greys, as presented here in the gallery.
What’s more, these many grey variants offer endless possibilities. Not only that, but each solution is characterised by its elegance and beauty, fitting in with both minimalistic spaces and more traditional and retro styles. In other words, fitting a kitchen with grey worksurfaces allows it to maintain its lasting appeal, however you choose to restyle it over time.
On the SapienStone website, you can also view all the available textures and use the 3D configurator for a preview of how they might look in your kitchen at home.
Fior di Bosco is the simple yet elegant shade lightened “by subtle white veining and a cloudy effect which softens the transition from one gradation to another”.
Reproducing the look of the famous Italian marble, Fior di Bosco allows you to create kitchen islands and countertops with a magnetic charm, thanks to its lively surface. The two finishes - Silky (with a velvety surface) or Polished (glossy and reflective) - provide custom solutions for individual requirements.
Elegance and warmth are the hallmarks of Palladium Grey, a texture that lends brightness to every corner of the kitchen. Palladium Grey makes for a cosy atmosphere that can be livened up with splashes of colour, all without compromising on its basic practicality.
One of the latest SapienStone kitchen countertops is Piasentina, inspired by the famous stone, which has always been extremely popular in architecture.
An ideal pairing for wood, Piasentina provides a linear surface in every context, with subtle light streaks adding an understated touch of class. By simply adjusting the lighting and details, Piasentina makes it easy to emphasise clear-cut shapes and surfaces for a striking effect.

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