FMG Maxfine H270: new ceramic slab sizes and the utmost flexibility

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The new sizes in FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s H270 Maxfine programme, measuring 270x120 and 120x120 cm, are designed not only to facilitate transportation and installation of surface coverings but to respond to the requirements of liveability and permit creation of customised furnishings. 
A form of innovation that begins with a sustainable production cycle and prevention of waste and cut-off scrap. The look of these slabs, inspired by marble, stone and Venetian terrazzo flooring, adds to the quality of spaces in classic and contemporary style, offering a solution of great interest for renovation projects

FMG Maxfine H270: new ceramic slab sizes and the utmost flexibility
A key to numerous architectural projects, whether residential, commercial, public or industrial, high-tech ceramic is widely appreciated for a number of reasons, both technical and aesthetic.
Technical qualities include resistance, easy cleaning, safety and inalterability over the years, a set of qualities that make these materials perfect for large and small outdoor areas as well as major renovation projects.
Their aesthetic performance includes the many effects, colours and perfect reproductions of the principal natural materials, as will be apparent in the gallery of brands in the Iris Ceramica Group, world leaders in the field of Italian designed and made ceramics.
The Iris Ceramica Group’s innovation and technical development include not only design but production and distribution of top quality ceramic products and customised accessories.
In addition to aesthetic and technical aspects, beginning with careful selection of raw materials and continuing throughout the entire production process, special attention has been paid in recent years to development of different slab sizes.
In the past the choice was limited to the traditional tile sizes which are still in use and available on the market. But the evolution of architecture and of demand for public and private construction projects demanded a range of different sizes in addition to the traditional ones, relaunching the sector and offering new potential for architects.
As will be clear from the catalogue of FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, theMaxfine maxi-slab is now a key material in the range of high-tech porcelain surfaces.
Despite its imposing size, Maxfine is lightweight and easy to handle, with truly unique properties: it is "the only one that displays a large surface area with reduced thickness of 6 mm and which is completely polished to guarantee not only an incredible aesthetic quality but also a high resistance to stress".
FMG Maxfine slabs measure up to 320x160 cm, with a reduced thickness of only 6 mm, permitting original continuity among spaces, a drastic reduction of visual obstacles and interruptions, easier cleaning and brighter spaces. 
These factors add to a number of known and certified qualities of FMG porcelain, compactness, homogeneity, impermeability, as well as resistance to wear, temperature excursions, build-up and stains.
The Maxfine catalogue offers 87 different colours and types of surface to meet all the requirements of everyday living.
H270: the new Maxfine FMG sizes
FMG and Iris Ceramica Group technology continues to travel the path of technical innovation, exploring the new sizes presented in the gallery here. 
The H270 Maxfine programme includes 11 surfaces inspired by some of the world’s best-known and loved marbles (White Calacatta, Bianco Venato Extra, Calacatta Grey, Aosta Green Marble, Black Marquina, Sahara Noir), ever-popular Venetian terrazzo flooring (Venice Zinc, Venice Ivory) and stone, with the Lunar Stone and Tyrol Stone collections and the new addition of Tuscany Stone.
The H270 programme includes the two new 270x120 and 120x120 cm sizes: "created to simplify installation, they are easy to handle, can be transported to upper floors on stairways and are easily and effortlessly installed", and that’s not all!
The 270x120 cm size is a new shape responding to the requirements of liveability, perfect for covering walls and all kinds of other applications, and recommended for renovation projects.
All this in order to "simplify the refurbishment of floors and walls with no need to remove existing materials" and make the material "perfect for installing up to the ceiling as it eliminates cutting and waste by corresponding to standard room height which is 270cm", while the 120x120 cm size complies with the standard measurements of shower trays
In line with the Iris Ceramica Group’s vision, the H270 system is particularly sustainable as the new measurements do away with cut-off scrap and waste on the work site.
Aesthetically, as we have seen, H270 ceramic slabs reproduce the look of marbles, stones and Venetian terrazzo flooring.
Elegant, highly expressive surfaces, the White Calacatta, Bianco Venato Extra, Calacatta Grey and dark Black Marquina, Sahara Noir varieties of marble, along with the deep green of Aosta Green Marble, show off the refined elegance of the world’s most popular marbles. This timeless material is perfect for the areas in the home associated with hospitality, the kitchen and living room, as well as the private spaces of bedrooms and bathrooms, adding a prestigious touch of luxury and optimising light levels.
The classic handcrafting tradition is kept alive in Venice Zinc and Venice Ivory, featuring all the colours and dynamism of Venetian terrazzo flooring with its delicate inclusions.
Refined yet delicate Tyrol Stone and Lunar Stone and the new Tuscany Stone offer practical solutions in contemporary style, following the trend toward a preference for neutral colours that are easy to mix and match.

Marco Privato