Design trends 2019: SapienStone kitchen tops

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The design trend for the kitchen 2019 confirms the desire to experiment with new features like the SapienStone kitchen top, specially created to meet every day and aesthetic needs in the long term.
Besides the classic white colours inspired by minimalist and Scandinavian design, the dark colours of SapienStone explore the trends for the kitchen 2019, with a lot of space for imagination and for practicality.

Design trends 2019: SapienStone kitchen tops
In recent years the kitchen has been one of the spaces in the home that has seen the most experimentation. This has been possible through innovative solutions offered by high-tech materials and the creativity of compositions. All this for a design focused on the best management of all the available spaces.
There are many efficient solutions for food storage, cupboards, shelves, counters, islands and peninsulas available for the 2019 kitchen: a continuously evolving space, in which new features both large and small and attention to detail are particularly appreciated, especially in the volumes and geometries of various accessories and household appliances.
The skilful use of small and large surfaces highlights the wish of designers to optimise and customise one of the best-loved spaces in the home, where every element has to express conviviality and promote family relationships.
Trends in recent years have always focused on pale colours and a minimalist style. However, recently, as can be seen in exhibitions and designs for the kitchen 2019, the desire to experiment has led to research into greater visual impact, also focusing on dark and intermediate colours.
The interior styles most influenced by these trends are definitely the different expressions of retro and country styles. The latter includes widespread use of colours inspired by wood and stone, influenced by rural tradition, and prevalently based on dark colours.
These styles apply not only to new kitchen spaces, but also to modifications and renovations. The latter are often combined with spaces that become one with the living room or have a direct link, without visual obstacles and in continuity with the flooring, thus increasing the sensation of the perceived space.
This desire to experiment also applies to the multiple possibilities offered by new materials: SapienStone, a recent brand of the Iris Ceramica Group holding is entirely dedicated to kitchen tops and explores the potential of surfaces in the kitchen space for both domestic use and professional use, for example in restaurants and bars.
A material created with the best porcelain stoneware on the ceramic market and the result of a decade of experience by the IRIS Ceramica Group, SapienStone is made ofceramic clay and mineral colours that offer an aesthetic that does not change over time. Its various dimensions also make it perfect for any type of top, island or peninsula.
While the aesthetic features of SapienStone can be seen in the wide range of colours available, what makes it different to other kitchen tops on the market are its technical qualities. SapienStone is a product that is "resistant to high temperatures, unlike products in wood, laminate and quartz”.
Contact with high temperature recipients used every day in the kitchen, like coffee pots and pans, do not alter the surfaces of SapienStone, thanks to the highly resistant quality of porcelain stoneware.
This resistance can be seen at the highest levels also to scratches and abrasions, as well as to chemical products and acids, which is also different from other products on sale that are generic for every surface and not designed specifically for kitchen tops, like SapienStone.
The notable performance of a unique material in the high quality kitchen top sector also includes the lack of coloured resins, protective varnishes and ease of cleaning, with the use of traditional products like soap and detergents.

Marco Privato