Customising spaces with maxi-slabs: the new Ultra Ariostea collections

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Colour, decoration, originality: these are only a few of the most sought-after features of ceramic surfaces, to which Ultra Ariostea responds with a new series of products combining them with the timeless appeal of the marble effect. These original surfaces with a white and green background all share great aesthetic value and originality, conveying sensations of energy, serenity and resistance on first sight

Customising spaces with maxi-slabs: the new Ultra Ariostea collections
The decorating and design trends are inspired by observation of nature and by the new creative techniques, combined to create the new collections now on the market.
The latest innovations allow us to interpret the styles and fashions of the past in a new way, or respond to the changing demands of the public. 
But the truly essential factor is discussion between designers and clients: a relational aspect that ensures projects suit people’s tastes, maximising customisation of spaces in the home.
This dialogue has recently produced a number of orientations giving rise to today’s most important furnishing and interior design styles. For example, people want to be able to colour and decorate their spaces at will, using original, exciting and evocative solutions such as digital printing systems.
And so, along with evergreens such as the minimalist and contemporary styles, we have seen the return of colours and shapes that had been momentarily set aside, such as the many hues of white and rediscovery of the colour green, which offers the perfect synthesis of originality, warmth and vitality. Indissolubly linked with the energy of the earth and the value of sustainability, green is perfect for adding freshness to all kinds of spaces in the home, in little details or larger surface coverings.
On the basis of these observations and requests, ceramic surfaces explore new products and techniques capable of involving people and creating custom-designed spaces.
Maxi-slabs represent the principal solution in contemporary ceramics, extending use of ceramic from covering floors and walls to customised furnishings, as demonstrated in the vast Ultra Ariostea (link) catalogue.
In addition to absolute top performance in terms of resistance, quality, non-absorbency and maintenance, Ultra Ariostea offers countless possibilities for use in design, introducing new functions and applications, thanks to the know-how developed over decades by the Iris Ceramica Group, of which Ariostea is the top international brand.
Ultra Ariostea offers a series of marble-effect surfaces for 2020 characterised by beauty, luminosity and great visual impact.
The unique look of Italian marble from Carrara inspires Michelangelo Altissimo, a variety that stands out for the presence of subtle, delicate grey veins against a snow-white background.
Designed for both classic and contemporary spaces, Michelangelo Altissimo is one of those timeless marbles that can underline and decorate spaces of any kind with its unrivalled innate glow.
The second variant with a white background is Imperial Grey, inspired by a famous Turkish marble. An intense weave of greyish-golden veins stands out against this background, intersecting and overlapping to create an elegant dynamic look. 
Imperial Grey is not only a luxurious surface covering, but is ideal for applications such as kitchen and bathroom countertops and tabletops.
Inspired by the green marbles of Ireland, Brilliant Green brings a breath of vitality and serenity into homes and other spaces. The green in the collection is vibrant, visually recalling a series of natural elements with its many different shades and original light and dark veins.
Brilliant Green brings to mind forests and undergrowth, grass, cliffs and flowing water in a product of great appeal that immediately generates a sensation of comfort and relaxation.
Refined as the prestigious Iranian marble inspiring it, Verde Karzai stands out for its "intense, shaded background, with a complex beauty enhanced by polychrome veining". With its highly varied, fleeting look, Verde Kazai creates a dreamlike floating sensation like something out of the Arabian Nights, perfect for adding a precious touch to a variety of residential and commercial spaces.
Verde St. Denis is inspired by a classic Italian marble originally from Valle D’Aosta. With a sophisticated, intense dark green background, "it features whitish veining that makes it a timeless, perfect marble". 
Verde St. Denis adds grace and refinement to both public and private spaces, and is extremely easy to combine with other surfaces, complements and accessories.

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