Coverings for the fashionable kitchen


Porcelain Tile,


Ceramic, the material traditionally used to cover kitchen surfaces, is still the key to this room in the house because the new maxi tiles not only cover walls and floors but provide the coolest new covering for worktops.

Coverings for the fashionable kitchen

In the past few years many people have rediscovered the kitchen, including designers and architects, thanks in part to the popularity of cooking shows all over the world and widespread interest in culinary traditions. The social phenomenon has had repercussions in the home, where the kitchen has become the new centre of social life even while offering advanced new food preparation technologies.

But no matter whether it is elegant or country, contemporary or vintage in style, the kitchen must be kept clean at all times. Aesthetics cannot be neglected even in informal spaces. Ceramic surfaces have the intrinsic ability to respond to this need, as they are both easy to clean and pleasing to the eye, and today’s maxi tiles are suitable not only for the walls and floor but for use as worktops in modular kitchens. The vast range of different colours and surface textures now available allows designers to use them in any kind of design. Porcelain tiles provide the backdrop to life in the kitchen, with coverings that give it an identity of its own, tied to that of the people who work in the kitchen.

And so kitchens in television studios and homes alike, whether new or renovated, have walls and floors covered with ceramic tiles in every possible hue, and are even more interesting when inspired by natural stone. Stonepeak’s collections include an interesting catalogue of materials of this type: the Plane line, now expanded with the full-body Fantasy Gold texture. The secret behind the collection lies in the natural stones and marbles that inspire it, which recall the covering materials traditionally used in the kitchen but are big enough to become countertops. 60x120 (5’x10’) tiles are perfect for wall panels that blend into worktops. In this collection Stonepeak offers colours ranging from Fantasy Bright to Fantasy Cloud, from Extra Vena to Paonazzetto Vena and Marfil Vena, all textures of natural stone which are easily washed and sanitised, ready to frame today’s new convivial kitchen, offering the benefits of modernity along with the tradition of social life in the kitchen. 
Ceramic is the perfect material for this trend of rediscovering the kitchen, a material that manages to keep up with the times. 


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