The contemporary bathroom with Stonepeak’s porcelain floor and wall tiles

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Contemporary style for the bathroom is all about personalising to the max, and Stonepeak’s high-tech porcelain tiles offer a wide range of effects, colours and combinations with something to suit all styles and tastes

The contemporary bathroom with Stonepeak’s porcelain floor and wall tiles
What are the best floor and wall tiles for contemporary bathrooms? 
The key bathroom trends to emerge so far from international trade fairs in 2017 point to ultra-personalised spaces.
Wall tiles for the contemporary bathroom reflect a desire for wellbeing and relaxation, with a personal take on luxury and often a touch of originality.
Personal style might include a particular colour, an original combination, an object not normally found in the bathroom or unusually shaped washbasins and tops.
No single rule applies when it comes to contemporary bathrooms. If you’re planning a new bathroom or refitting an existing one, give free reign to your creativity; choose a material like porcelain, a product which combines comfort with a variety of effects and highlights the surrounding materials like no other seen in recent years.
When it comes to porcelain tiles like those designed by Stonepeak, floors, walls and tops no longer fade into the background. They’re firmly in the spotlight and go beyond whatever style has been chosen (minimalist, shabby, contemporary, classic).
In technical terms, Stonepeak’s porcelain tiles are non-absorbing, hard-wearing, and easy to clean and disinfect. All of these qualities are essential, regardless which style you choose.
Stonepeak’s porcelain tiles find one of their most practical applications in the bathroom, particularly the larger range, Plane. Starting at 150x300 cm (60"x120"), it also includes numerous smaller formats, all of them in extremely slender widths (6 to 10 mm).
Available in 23 colours, Plane is ideal for all residential and commercial purposes as well as wellbeing locations(spas, thermal baths, swimming pools). 
The marble effect (including Paonazzetto, Extra Vena and Calacatta) finds its natural home in the bathroom, giving it a unique, luminous and ultra-classic feel.

Marco Privato