Stonepeak floors: ancient fascination, modern atmospheres

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Inspired by traditional materials, Stonepeak’s Blende and Simply Modern collections of ceramic tiles offer all the contemporary charm of the lived-in look, balancing evocation of classic traditions with latest generation materials

Stonepeak floors: ancient fascination, modern atmospheres
The new trends in home style include an increasingly popular series of flooring materials inspired by cement and other unfinished, lived-in, worked materials, such as iron, copper and cast iron.
These coverings go naturally with post-industrial, vintage and shabby furniture.
The versatility of a high-tech material such as porcelain makes application of these flooring materials easy in today’s new and renovated apartments and businesses.
Aesthetically, these materials suggest hardness, compactness and strength, making them ideal for urban lofts, interiors and exteriors.
With an attraction that balances the traditional against the contemporary, the choice of porcelain slabs that look like cement, resins and metals brings a refreshing touch of simplicity, character and above all atmosphere with a historic flavour.
The   Stonepeak collections include two high-tech porcelain tiles, Blende and Simply Modern  recommended for precisely this kind of setting ("Old world metal with a contemporary twist").
Available in four hues, Brume, Cinereal, Piceous, and Titian, and three different sizes (24”x48” 8”x48” 12”x24”), Blende is a Stonepeak collection in the colours of antique, rusted metal.
Abounding in contrasting hues and colour washes, the Blende collection stands out in flooring featuring combinations of different porcelain tiles to produce an almost decorative three-dimensional look.
What we perceive is a “lived-in” look which makes it easy to add metropolitan character to the home or workplace with matching furniture.
Simply Modern is available in 5 variants (Tan, Grey, Coffee, Creme and Black) recalling the classic colours of earth and cement. 
Floors and walls covered with Simply Modern tiles fully express the concepts of stability and power that have always been associated with porcelain.
Whatever their intended use, and whatever furnishings are used with them, the dramatic effect created with Simply Modern floor and wall coverings translates into a sensation of concreteness and stability, two increasingly important aspects of the contemporary home.

Marco Privato