Cosmic Marble: everyday living in an atmosphere of moons and planets


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There are no limits to imagination and experimentation in the design of ceramic surfaces, as demonstrated by the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica homestyle Cosmic Marble collection. The visual imagery associated with planets and satellites inspires refined surfaces in bright, vibrant colours which are nonetheless balanced and relaxing. The original marble effect is underlined by the presence of vivid brushstrokes of gold, adding brilliance to ceramic slabs

Cosmic Marble: everyday living in an atmosphere of moons and planets

In recent years the design of ceramic surfaces has become a vast creative laboratory giving rise to products featuring astounding visual and tactile effects. The catalogues of high-tech ceramic collections now include a vast choice of sophisticated, ethereal and visionary images that were until recently unthinkable in the world of surface coverings.Almost always associated with textured effects, today’s floor and wall coverings are thus rediscovered as a key reference for new developments in style and architecture thanks to the technical and aesthetic innovation introduced by top-quality ceramics.

High-tech porcelain can now faithfully reproduce the texture of any material, from any culture or visual experience.The results of this stylistic choice are naturally heterogeneous and global, inspired by a great variety of unusual and highly evocative shapes and graphics.A surface that brings distant places into our everyday lives is a touch that gives the home "a polished and refined, gritty-but-dreamy look”, reminding us that "there’s always something bigger beyond".

These evocations inspire a collection of high-tech ceramic tiles that venture beyond the confines of our planet toward distant worlds.The Cosmic Marble collection by Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica is inspired by the planets in the solar system and their image in our collective imagination.This part of our common visual heritage is rooted in the dawn of civilisation, when the ancient Greeks and Romans gave the planets names drawn from their mythology, expressing their observation of the stars through elements linked with their everyday lives (objects, animals, divinities) to bring them closer and give them a recognisable and representable form.

On the basis of these concepts, drawing on the technical innovation achieved by today’s ceramics, Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica creates spaces arising directly out of the human imagination.The Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica homestyle is the product of a partnership between Iris Ceramica and the Diesel brand, who have joined forces since 2016 to produce one of the top collections of covering materials and designs made in Italy.A highly experimental brand with a bold visual impact, Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica has created numerous collections sharing the goal of broadening the horizons of ceramic design through ongoing stylistic and cultural research.

The Cosmic Marble collection offers a vast palette of marble effects in which "vivid, golden brushstrokes caress the surfaces as if they were an artist’s canvas".

Light and shadow come together and clash in the collection, along with bold golden hues against backgrounds in six different hues: 

- Lune. A surface representing the bright white moon of summer nights, with warm golden hues. Earth’s ethereal satellite, evocative and romantic by definition, the Moon is the first heavenly body we learn to recognise and observe as children. The Lune collection reflects the moon’s vicinity to our world, expressed through extreme brightness and whiteness. With a fluid, relaxing colour palette, Lune is the natural choice of surface covering for bathrooms and swimming pools, beauty farms and wellness centres.

- Pluton. From earth’s nearby satellite to the heavenly body once considered the ninth and last planet in the solar system. Its dark attraction is cloaked in hues of grey and black, with contrasting flecks of gold.

- Uranus. Fascinating, unusual Uranus features an original combination of shades of light blue and fluid golden compositions to produce an ethereal surface that appears elusive and abstract, imagined and painted in numerous artistic landscapes.

- Venus. The same originality is expressed in Venus, dominated by fascinating shades of petroleum, a colour halfway between blue and green. Venus also features bold stripes of gold, in a chromatic whole that reflects a sense of natural balance and serenity.

- Saturne. Ringed Saturn is probably the planet that stands out most in the collective imagination. This collection combines "different hues of grey to recreate the magic of the planet’s huge, icy rings”. A sober, balanced tint that helps other colours stand out, bringing cosmic harmony to the environment.

- Mars. We have strong, immediate associations with the planet closest to us, also because we now have pictures of its surface, making the planet known and almost familiar to us.

The tone of the Mars collection is of course a "very glamorous red" with a strong natural draw that adds warmth and energy to spaces.

Marco Privato


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