Color Moods: customising the home with porcelain

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Color Moods’ harmony of neutral hues inspired by natural surfaces offers a vast range of opportunities for customising the home with Porcelaingres porcelain surfaces. States of mind and perceptions linked with colour come to life in a collection designed to thrill and express personal style and character

Color Moods: customising the home with porcelain 
Aesthetic high-tech ceramic stands out among the new surface covering materials for its ability to make a significant contribution to the potential of contemporary architecture with growing customisation of the home.
Customisation of spaces is one of the most popular qualities of architecture and contemporary design, and porcelain can play a key role, meeting all the requirements for creating one’s own atmosphere starting with the surface coverings in the rooms in the home.
Its unmatched performance in terms of compactness, non-absorbency and structural uniformity make porcelain resistant to abrasion, temperature excursions, and bending, making it the top choice among materials for covering floors and walls, indoors and outdoors and in all other applications.
The technology applied to porcelain permits a great variety of different sizes and patterns, with numerous effects inspired by classic surface covering materials (wood, stone and marble, above all) in a contemporary version created by applying advanced technology to ceramic.
Colour, always an essential element for conveying emotions and influencing personal states of mind, still plays a key role, as demonstrated by the theories of visual perception and by a variety of disciplines ranging from marketing to chromotherapy.
Artists have been exploring the multitude of different meanings attached to colour since antiquity, with the aim of understanding the physical and psychic processes involved so that they can be applied and exploited in a number of fields.
Design also draws on knowledge of colour, and thanks to the new potential of today’s high-tech porcelain, we can now create every variation, hue and tone of colour in the home.

Floor and wall coverings are normally long-term choices, which is why it is important to choose materials offering top performance, such as porcelain, with great versatility and high potential for application. With top quality porcelain tiles made in one of Europe’s most advanced production facilities in Vetschau, Germany, Porcelaingres’s Color Moods collection demonstrates a particular focus on ideas and the interpretation of states of mind linked with colour, as the name of the collection suggests.
A form of design that guides the choice of colours for the home, allowing us to "follow our instincts and accompany them in worlds of emotion in which everyone, no matter what their preferences in terms of surfaces or tile sizes, can identify the perfect solution".
By combining a vast range of different sizes, porcelain tiles reflect increasingly diverse lifestyles.
By expanding the range of available colours, it becomes easy to create spaces that reflect the character of a person or household, their habits and domestic harmony, with customised floor and wall coverings designed to respond to their needs and aesthetic tastes.
Porcelaingres created Color Moods in five different hues (Ice, Wood, Pearl, Desert and Stone) with five surface finishes (Fossilbrown, Greylight, Iceground, Mountaingrey, Sandstone).
Color Moods is a collection of sober elegance, clearly inspired by the colours of soil, sand and stones present in different natural environments, such as wooded mountains, glaciers and deserts.
Places with very different, highly evocative atmospheres, all sharing an ancestral link with the earth, the primordial bond that the human race has experienced as support, shelter and the perennial reference for all surfaces, at all times and latitudes.

Marco Privato


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