Bois Urbain: the attractive look of the wood effect for interiors and exteriors

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Porcelain stoneware tiles of the Bois Urbain collection by GranitiFiandre faithfully reproduce the visual and tactile sensations of wood, one of the most loved and appreciated surfaces for floors and walls. Versatile and suggestive, it can easily match any interior or exterior design.

Bois Urbain: the attractive look of the wood effect for interiors and exteriors
Porcelain stoneware tiles with wood effect are the product of choice for contemporary surfaces: stylish and ecological, these tiles are increasingly popular for indoor and outdoor projects alike.
Durable and hard-wearing, porcelain stoneware tiles with wood effect respect and protect the environment both during the manufacturing phase as well as after installation, as they are extremely easy to clean and maintain, lending to any environment the flowing tactile and delicate properties that are so typical of wood.
By reproducing the grain patterns of the different types of wood, and offering different sizes and finishes, porcelain stoneware tiles with wood effect create a harmonious and delicate balance between the authenticity of the material and the long-lasting resistance of technical porcelain stoneware.
GranitiFiandre dedicated to porcelain stoneware tiles with wood effect its Essenze Rare Extreme and Bois Urbain collections. In our gallery, we are presenting the Bois Urbain collection.
In designing the four hues of Bois Urbain (Blanche, Miel, Noisette and Terre), GranitiFiandre carefully observed the current urban society, more and more distant from nature: “the woods symbolise uncontaminated, unspoilt nature, in contrast to the city, the space of man par excellence”.
Therefore, the wood becomes the point of contact between different environments and, from an architectural point of view, it shows all its potentialities by recreating the magic of natural settings within urban space (homes, offices, shops, public areas). 
In the veins and knots of the wood, we can see those “captivating imperfections” that in Bois Urbain become a source of inspiration for the eco-friendly porcelain stoneware surfaces, as well as its strength. Indeed, its four varieties are a reinterpretation of the living material inspired by the fragrances and colours of wood.

Made in a thickness of just 11 mm, the Bois Urbain surfaces are perfect solutions for flooring, but may also be used for walls, as a decorative element for partitions or fireplaces, or to create elegant panelling.
All the materials in the collection are available in 90x22.5 cm size and with two different finishes: semi-gloss with slipping rating R9 and relief with slipping rating R11, more suited for the creation of outside flooring.
The Bois Urban collection conforms to both contemporary and classic design styles, maintaining a tradition that dates back over a thousand years, where wood has always been the go-to material used to decorate all over the globe.

Marco Privato