Beauty and decoration: Agata Maximum coverings and decorating accessories

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GranitiFiandre’s new Agata Maximum collection creates a polychrome surface of great decorative and expressive value reproducing a fascinating, sophisticated stone. Testifying to the progressive development of technology in the ceramics industry, Agata Maximum surprises the viewer with the realism and originality of its three colours for covering a variety of different spaces with a touch of prestige and creativity

Beauty and decoration: Agata Maximum coverings and decorating accessories
High-tech ceramic continues to evolve in designs for the year 2020 with aesthetic results reinterpreting materials present in nature in increasingly original surface coverings. 
Progress in design seems to set no limits on the inventiveness of what is now the principal material for designer surfaces and furnishings
Following the most popular design trends, the look of porcelain slabs is increasingly characterised by the presence of a strong decorative component in all its elements.
After producing numerous variations on the most prestigious natural stones and marbles, as well as cements, resins and woods, high-tech ceramics can now also reproduce the texture of precious stones.
To this baggage of creative proposals we may add other elements such as large size and the possibility of creating curved and backlit surfaces, considerably increasing the creative potential at designers’ disposal. 
GranitiFiandre, a top brand in the Iris Ceramica Group, is a world leader in the production of top quality full-body porcelain.
Operating in more than 100 countries all over the world, GranitiFiandre was the first company in the industry to believe in porcelain and the 20x20 cm format, beginning in the ’60s. 
The evolution of technology and a cutting-edge vision allowed Fiandre to consolidate its international role, not only in ceramics, but in top Italian-made products, with a growing focus on environmental issues.
The company’s mission is to pursue "ongoing research for the design and creation of products of excellence from the purest raw materials, those that go into quarried rock such as marble, granite and other stones that take centuries to form, which provide the inspiration for Fiandre’s top collections".
This is the inspiration behind the company’s many collections, to which it has recently added the new Agata Maximum surface inspired by one of the world’s most precious, refined natural stones.
The new collection is inspired by hard stone and stands out for the great realism with which it is produced, thanks to Maximum Fiandre Extralite technology giving the slabs the illusion of depth and the translucent effect typical of agate.
"Irregular bands, often concentric and in contrast with each other, create a surface with a strong decorative value, where translucency, depth and opacity merge in a continuum of overlapping colours".
Agata Maximum is available in three different colours, Agata Black, Agata Atena and Agata Blu, all sharing a bold identity expressed in a colour palette black, light brown and deep blue hues, respectively. 
The glossy finish further adds to the prestige of the material’s rich surface, making each of these hues even more attractive.
Produced in big 300x150 cm maxi-slabs with a thickness of only 6 mm, the Agata Maximum collection is the perfect response to all the demands of design today.
All three colours can be used as indoor floor and wall coverings conveying a particular image of luxury and prestige in homes, businesses, health and wellness facilities such as spas and beauty centres, or as a surface or decorating accessory in hotels and other hospitality facilities.
Agate is a stone in the quartz family with an ostentatious multicoloured look, when presented, as in this case, cut crosswise to reveal the harmonious variations in hue of its splendid internal cavity.
A stone associated with spirituality, balance and protection since ancient times, the highly iconic component of agate is conveyed just as beautifully in the atmospheres of today’s spaces.

Marco Privato


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