Ariostea Legni High-Tech: tradition becomes contemporary design

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All the fascination of the most precious varieties of wood emerges in Ariostea’s Legni High-Tech porcelain tiles, designed for today’s new indoor flooring, renovation projects and indoor and outdoor furnishings. The strength of stone meets the unmatched beauty of wood to create a product of superior quality which is easy to maintain and unalterable over the years

Ariostea Legni High-Tech: tradition becomes contemporary design 
It is easy to use wood-effect porcelain surfaces to decorate and renovate the home creatively, letting yourself be carried away by the warmth and beauty of materials inspired by precious varieties of wood.
Harmony, uniqueness and timeless charm are the qualities that have always been associated with wood, the natural material for covering all the rooms in the home, also ideal for businesses, offices and showrooms.
Wood is appreciated for its innate ability to capture and combine tradition and modernity, past and present, as will be evident in the architectural dialogue between inside and outside, in which wood maintains the same intensity in spaces with completely different functions and looks.
Or outdoors, where outdoor parquet decking naturally blends in with the garden, patio and swimming pool.

Wood-effect porcelain floors express a completely different intensity and vitality from other covering materials.
While stone, marble, cement and resins are instinctively associated with properties such as the stability and elegance of contemporary design, the look of wood is universally recognised as being synonymous with cosiness and beauty, no matter what the variety and colour.
Aesthetic high-tech ceramics have now reached a level of technological innovation that allows them to faithfully reproduce all aspects of the expressiveness of wood, also at the tactile level, amplifying our perception of the senses and the emotions connected with them.
Porcelain may take on the appearance of simple, unfinished wood; or it may appear antique and oxidised, like weathered old timber; or sophisticated and contemporary, like precious, rare wood species from tropical forests.

Ariostea’s Legni High-Tech collection includes a vast assortment of wood species which "reproduce the look, tactile sensations and veins of parquet incredibly faithfully, approaching perfection without touching as much as one leaf on a single tree".

Ariostea’s through-coloured ultra-fine porcelain tiles reproduce strips of parquet in varieties ranging from dark colours (Rovere Nero, Antico, Tundra, Abbazia) to intermediate hues (such as Noce, Naturale Decapè, and Briccola, among others) and lighter colours (Rovere Bianco, Sabbia, Cenere, and Corda).
The performance of Ariostea porcelain is preferable to that of traditional parquet in a number of technical properties, offering exceptionally high resistance to loads, to deep abrasion, to chemical aggression and to constant footsteps over the years.
Another important consideration is its near-total non-absorbency and low maintenance in indoor and outdoor flooring.
Possible combinations with the many furnishings available on the market make Ariostea wood-effect floors adaptable to suit a great variety of indoor and outdoor spaces.
Lamps, chairs, bookshelves, coffee tables and reclaimed old objects can easily be used to create a shabby chic or country atmosphere, or minimalist Scandinavian design.

Like all aspects of design, the variety of wood is a matter of personal taste, chosen to suit the setting and go with the other materials in the space, from the most traditional to the boldest, most imaginative modern styles.
This is why Ariostea also includes other varieties in its wood-effect collections, such as the Innovative Slabs Legni High-Tech with 5 slats of vintage oak on the large 150 cm size, or WoodRaw, a collection of antique-style wood-effect porcelain with a lived-in look in 5 different hues.
An ancient, natural material that has always been a part of our lives has now, thanks to the evolution of high-tech ceramic, been rediscovered as a contemporary material for creating a unique, personal style.

Marco Privato


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