Bruno Architettura Domus OMA Eboli


Moreno Maggi,

Eboli, Italy,

Ville, Apartment,


An apparently simple, linear project featuring clear, well-defined volumes packed with reflections and references recalling the origins of the place.

Bruno Architettura Domus OMA Eboli

I think that it is indispensable for architecture to convey the content of forms to the observer,” says architect Luca Bruno, summing up the “Domus OMA” project and supplying an essential key to interpretation of this home renovation and expansionproject in Eboli, 35 km south of Salerno.

The starting point was a 300 sqm lot and the client’s request was to expand the home without taking up too much of the garden. Architect Luca Bruno therefore decided to preserve the footprint of the existing building while demolishing it completely, solving the problem of how to expand on the home with a bridge-shaped volume. The new volume does not take up any of the garden space, but provides a large covered space at garden level, an ideal frame through which to view the farm landscape around the home. Creating a continuum between exterior and interior, the functions of the different spaces are organised along an imaginary axis with an increasing degree of privacy, as emphasised by the shapes and sizes of the windows. The living area on the ground floor preserves a constant visual relationship with the outdoors through the big windows. The bedroom area, on the other hand, is in the bridge volume. A solid block where light is filtered through the only opening: a long horizontal window, and everything is organised to ensure the privacy and the relaxing atmosphere required in the bedrooms. The home’s two levels are connected to each other and to the ground by a dark volume of double height. This is the fulcrum of the composition, connected to the earth but open toward the sky through a big skylight with a reinforced concrete sunbreak that lets daylight into the whole home.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Architectural design: BRUNO ARCHITETTURA_Luca Bruno
Structural design: BRUNO ARCHITETTURA_Luca Bruno, Rosaria Grippa
Location: Eboli (SA) - Italy
Photos: Moreno Maggi
Year of construction: 2015-2017