Bottega Baretti: Turin, from the nineteenth century to the present

Fabrizio Carraro,


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An old shop in Turin’s San Salvario district comes back to life as a restaurant. Fabio Fantolino’s design brings back all the flavour and beauty of the past through contrast with cutting-edge lighting.

Bottega Baretti: Turin, from the nineteenth century to the present

The technologies available to us today can bring back all the beauty of former times through contrast. Fabio Fantolino, an architect from Turin, designed the interior of Bottega Baretti, a restaurant located in a old workshop in the city’s historic San Salvario district.

Architect Fabio Fantolino wanted to preserve the most evocative parts of the workshop: the vaulted brick ceiling, the wooden flooring at the entrance and the big wooden window frames, all of which were in perfect condition. The new parts he added were rough brick walls, dark woodwork and rustic plastered pillars. The project was completed with custom-designed furnishings and various different types of lighting (from leds to elegant light fixtures and to industrial suspension lights) to create an effect of contrasts and volumes giving the restaurant a charming atmosphere.

Francesco Cibati

Design: Fabio Fantolino
Location: Turin
Year: 2011
Photographer: Fabrizio Carraro



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