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Upcycling Pavilion. Bunker Arquitectura.
At Expo CIHAC – the biggest annual architecture and construction exhibition in Latin America – young Mexican firm, Bunker Arquitectura proved that applied upcycling is a sustainable, feasible solution to reduce the environmental impact of these large exhibitions.

Almost all the stands in the show are purpose-built, disposable pavilions that end up as bulky waste. Bunker Arquitectura, founded in Mexico City in 2005 has always been keenly aware of social and environmental issues and the architects approached the exhibition principal with the proposal of creating a symbolic pavilion: one that is low-cost and recyclable, to set a real, reproducible example of upcycling for future exhibitions.

So the architects came up with the idea of a pavilion made up of soda crates, and approached Coca-Cola to assist them; the famous brand is very open to this kind of sustainable experiment and in turn, the exhibition principals were easily convinced by the fact that their cafeteria would not cost them a cent to build. An example of virtuous sponsorship that was a major success with the visitors .

It took three days of trial and error to build the pavilion on the spot and the end result was a very visually arresting temporary space (video). The curved walls were created by piling the crates on top of each other and tying them together with cinch straps; this improved the static performance and also gave the project called: “Pabellón Sobreciclable
a fine aesthetic.
Design: Esteban Suarez / BNKR Arquitectura, http://www.bunkerarquitectura.com/
In collaboration with: Fermin Espinosa / Factor Eficiencia
Project Leader: Emelio Barjau
Project Team: Emelio Barjau, Sebastian Suarez, Marcell Ibarrola, Christian Morales, Montserrat Escobar & Jorge Alcantara
Environmental Advisor: Juan Casillas
Sponsor: Coca Cola / FEMSA
Photography: Sebastian Suarez
Area: 300 m2
Status: Built
Location: Expo CIHAC, Mexico City, Mexico


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