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Czech firm Mimosa architekti has designed Avocado Gang, the first “avocado” restaurant in Prague. The intense colour of the avocado and food made here inspired the venue’s interior design, with the multicoloured dining table standing in the middle underscored by the shades of grey in the rest of the restaurant.

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Restaurant Avocado Gang in Prague by Mimosa architekti A visit to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic comes with a whole range of expectations. It is renowned for its architecture and also for its buzzing social scene, with lots of venues - pubs first and foremost - serving its famous beer. So, while at first, you might be surprised to find in Prague a restaurant completely dedicated to the avocado, which is originally from South America, it makes sense when you consider the fact that it is one of the most “in” foods right now.
So here you have the Avocado Gang restaurant in the ground floor space of just over 100 square metres, in a tranquil apartment building in a corner of Lyčkovo náměstí (Lyčka square) in the Prague district of Karlín. The owner and sous chef of Avocado Gang, Karolina Konečná, explains the reasoning behind the rather wacky idea of wanting to open a restaurant that focuses only on the avocado, a fruit that is famous for its green, versatile flesh. Karolina is very up with the fruit because her daughter decided to go vegetarian at the age of ten so, as a mother she looked for as many ways as possible to prepare food that would ensure a varied diet and sustenance. With a tenacity similar to the roots of the avocado tree that slowly sprout from the fruit’s large stone, the team from the Avocado Gang - 11 people who share shifts in the kitchen and serving - together with the architects from Prague-based firm, Mimosa architekti, have come up with something new and quirky in otherwise nondescript premises.
In itself, the venue is a simple long and narrow space that revolves around a 9.3-metre-long brightly coloured table with 22 equally colourful chairs and additional seats along the side walls. Large windows provide a visual connection with the plaza. The open kitchen means diners can watch while their orders are being made up, verifying the freshness of the ingredients. 
The idea of the multicoloured central table came from the bold green colour of the avocado and the dishes made from it. The “non-colours” on the scale of greys in the rest of the venue provide the perfect backdrop for the coloured objects, be they the table, the chairs around it or, most importantly, the food served here. The table is composed of 160 x 100 mm wooden planks of solid spruce sitting on legs made from hot-galvanised steel. The smaller tables and chairs at the sides of the dining area have the same kind of base. Hot-galvanised steel is also used for the lighting, as well as the sink and doors of the restaurant’s bathroom.  
Everything in Avocado Gang by Mimosa architekti is tied together by the concrete floor finish and the light grey walls, which showcase the large coloured table and, of course, the avocado itself. The core element of Avocado Gang may be presented in the form of guacamole or avocado pancakes with bacon, or in some scrumptious dessert, but whether it’s for breakfast or even a simple snack, this is a place for the whole family.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: Mimosa architekti - http://mimosa.cz/
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Year: 2018
Images: BoysPlayNice


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