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Making room with refurbishments - apartment in Moscow
Russian architect Peter Kostelov has refurbished a home in the centre of Moscow, skilfully carving out spaces to turn a duplex into a 4-level apartment.

As families grow, their needs change. This happens all the time, but in the case of Peter Kostelov's project, the owners did not have to move, they just needed to take advantage of the space they already had.

Kostelov carefully redesigned the 18th floor duplex apartment in the heart of Moscow to create four living levels. He lowered the room ceilings to carve out extra space, cutting energy costs at the same time, and his skillful use of natural light, modulated through large windows and directed into the various rooms, has enhanced living comfort.

The selection of materials for the interior décor also plays an important part. Almost all the bespoke furniture favours warm, pale colours, like the ceramic tiles in the kitchen and the timber in the bedrooms. Another example is the children's bedroom where drawers have been built under the stairs leading up to the bed, leaving them room to play.

In contrast with the soft furnishings, tables, chairs and some shelves are made from metal.

The result is a home on different levels, so the whole family can enjoy their privacy and where the selection of materials brings the rooms together.

Project: Peter Kostelov, http://www.kostelov.ru
Location: Moscow, Russia
Year: 2010-11
Photos : Alexey Knyazev
Links: Wooden Parchwork, http://www.floornature.com/blog/wooden-patchwork-andldquodachaandrdquo-by-peter-kostelov-7870/


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