Case di Luce, bioclimatic residential complex by Pedone Studio

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A net-zero energy building (NZEB) in Bisceglie, Puglia (Italy).

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Case di Luce, bioclimatic residential complex by Pedone Studio A net-zero energy building (NZEB) in Bisceglie, Puglia (Italy). The project by Pedone Studio has been certified to CasaClima GOLD standard and is a virtuous example of a sustainable building, from the choice of materials to the architectural solutions adopted.

Case di Luce is part of the redevelopment plan for a suburban neighbourhood of Bisceglie, a coastal town in Italy's Puglia region. The area is full of old, disused industrial buildings and risks going down the path of urban decay. After an environmental clean-up, Pedone Studio has designed an NZEB residential building using sustainable energy design solutions and without encroaching on new land.
The 42 apartments are distributed over five, above-ground floors plus an attic level where each home has an operable solar greenhouse designed to maximise daylight input in winter without compromising comfort in summer. This is possible because the building faces south-east and because the glazed sections and balconies on the different floors jut out at different angles, in turn, shading each other from the overhead summer sun. The project has also taken into account prevailing winds and includes solar panels.
The architects from Pedone Studio opted to use natural, eco-compatible materials to construct the building, and the facade in particular, including locally sourced, zero-mile tufa stone, in addition to limestone and hemp. These solutions aim at guaranteeing adequate thermal and acoustic insulation using certified breathable and natural materials with low or zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) for excellent protection of the health and well-being of residents. A choice that makes it possible to use a heat recovery air-treatment system to keep humidity levels constant for high indoor comfort.
Casa di Luce by Pedone Studio in Bisceglie stands out as a virtuous example of a bioclimatic building with contemporary appeal - and it just goes to show that sustainable architecture is not the prerogative of Nordic countries!

Christiane Bürklein

Project Team: Arch. Leo Pedone, Arch. Massimo Pedone, Arch. Annamaria Perruccio, Ing. Pietro Pedone
Structures: Ing. Pietro Pedone
Sustainability consultants: CFE – Centro di fisica edile – Gravina In Puglia
Contractor: Pedone Working s.r.l. - Bisceglie
Construction company: Pedone Working s.r.l. - Bisceglie
Location: Bisceglie (Bt), Italia
Year: 2016
Photographer: Sergio Camplone