2017 AIA Honor Awards, Carmel Place by nARCHITECTS


Iwan Baan, Pablo Enriquez,

New York, USA,




The start of the new year also ushers in the first architecture awards.

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2017 AIA Honor Awards, Carmel Place by nARCHITECTS The start of the new year also ushers in the first architecture awards. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has selected the 2017 recipients of the Institute Honor Awards, the profession's highest recognition of excellence in architecture, interior architecture and urban design.

We are showcasing the first of the 23 recipients located throughout the world and selected from roughly 700 submissions - Carmel Place, the housing project by nARCHITECTS.
This is the winning design for the adAPT NYC competition and is the tallest Manhattan building constructed modularly, at the same time reflecting the city's skyline with an innovative proposal for the property market, completed in 2016. 
Carmel Place is composed of four slender towers with 55 studio apartments ranging in size from 24 to 33 square metres, placing them in the “micro-unit” category, and responding to the city's lack of free land and to changes in contemporary society. This attention is manifested in the shared spaces, like a gym, lounge and public roof terrace, which encourage interaction between residents, proving that someone who lives on their own doesn't necessary need to live alone ((link Co-Living).
The project by nARCHITECTS also includes twenty-two units dedicated to affordable housing, of which eight are for formerly homeless US veterans.
The biggest challenge facing the nARCHITECTS team was to provide housing with a positive social impact that would be easy to replicate, operating on a tight budget and under local regulatory restrictions. The foundations were constructed onsite while the modules were built in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, keeping construction time to just four weeks - to the joy of the neighbourhood and the developer!
Carmel Place by nARCHITECTS marks a real turning point because it is proof positive that modular construction of apartment buildings is not an illusion, it can be done with great elegance, and it can even be adapted to a city like Manhattan, as a microcosm of that environment.

Christiane Bürklein

Builders: Monadnock Construction, Capsys Corp (modular units)
Code Consulting: JM Zoning
Consulting Architect (competition phase): Willis DeLaCour
Engineer – Civil and Landscape: Langan Engineering
Engineer – MEP: A. Joselow, P.C.
Engineer – Structural: DeNardis Engineering LLC
Graphic Design: Project Projects
LEED Consultant: Taitem Engineering, PC
Marketing Consultant: Corcoran Sunshine
Images: see captions, courtesy of nARCHITECTS - image 1 - 3 - 4 by Iwan Baan, 2 - 6 by Pablo Enriquez, 5 by nARCHITECTS
Recipient of 2017 AIA Honor Awards


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