Baldi, Ivigna cablecar stations

Roland Baldi,

Oskar Da Riz,

Sport & Wellness, Landscape, Stations,


Nonabia, the ninth international architecture biennial (bia) opened November 2 in São Paulo, Brazil. Roland Baldi’s project is one of 62 selected for the exhibition.

Baldi, Ivigna cablecar stations
The Ivigna cable car stations designed by architect Roland Baldi are among 62 international projects forming the core of the ninth international architecture biennial in São Paulo (Brazil), also known as nonaBia.

The two constructions will replace the old “Naif” station at the bottom and the “Piffinger Köpli” station at the top of Ivigna cableway in Merano, adapting the line to offer users the greatest possible comfort and fit into the landscape of the architectural structures enhancing the site?s potential.

What the two projects share is that they consist of two separate volumes which intersect even while remaining clearly distinct in form, materials and function. The volume containing the technical core of the cable car is immediately recognisable with its stretched sheet metal covering painted bright red, a colour evoking the dynamism of transport.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Roland Baldi
Location: Ivigna, Italy
Illustrations: Oskar Da Riz



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