Architecture photography and the Sony World Photography Awards

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The works of the finalists in the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards are on exhibit at Somerset House, a historic building and centre for the visual arts in central London.

Architecture photography and the Sony World Photography Awards

In the wake of the success of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, with almost 140 thousand entrants from 166 countries all over the world, all the finalists' entries are now on display at Somerset House in London. The Sony World Photography Awards, held by the World Photography Organisation with sponsorship by Sony, are awarded in three categories: Professional (for professional photographers), Open (for amateur photographers and photography students) and Youth (for photographers under 20).

The “Architecture” section attracted a lot of entries, underlining the key importance of photography in communicating about architecture. The image takes the place of a text description, allowing the viewer to come face to face with architects' creations.
Below is a small selection of the works shortlisted in the architecture category and the competition finalists.

(Christiane Bürklein)

Sony World Photography Awards 2014
Images Courtesy of Sony World Photography Awards 2014


1) Image Name: AbstrActure
Photographer Name: Sandro Tedde
Year: 2014 Image
Description: Abstract Architecture in Kyoto, Japan
Copyright: © Sandro Tedde_Italy_Shortlist_Open_Architecture_2014 Sony World Photography Awards

2) Image Name: Reflections on a New Change
Photographer Name: Andrew Bailey
Year: 2014
Image Description: Modern architecture continues to take over the City of London - St Paul's cathedral reflected in the glass interior of the One New Change development.
Copyright: © Andrew Bailey_UnitedKingdom_Shortlist_Open_Architecture_2014 Sony World Photography Awards

3) Image Name: Red Stairs
Photographer Name: Max van Son
Year: 2014
Image Description: Inside Outside
Copyright: © MaxvanSon_Netherlands_Shortlist_Open_Architecture_2014 Sony World Photography Awards

4) Image Name: Red Road
Photographer Name: Simon Butterworth
Year: 2014
Copyright: © Simon Butterworth_UnitedKingdom_Shortlist_Open_Architecture_2014 Sony World Photography Awards

5) Image Name: Last Crusade
Photographer Name: Vassilis Tangoulis
Year: 2014
Image Description: A Fine Art interpretation of the castle in Methoni, Pelloponisos, Greece
Copyright: © Vassilis Tangoulis_Greece_Shortlist_Open_Architecture_2014 Sony World Photography Awards

6) Image Name: Under the Staircase
Photographer Name: Holger Schmidtke
Year: 2014
Image Description: Staircase in a Office-Center the look from the bottom.
Copyright: © Holger Schmidtke_Germany_Shortlist_Open_Architecture_2014 Sony World Photography Awards

7)'Image Name: Subyways
Photographer Name: Nick Frank
Year: 2014
Copyright: © Nick_Frank_Germany_Shortlist_Architecture_Professional_Competition_2014_8_PRESS Sony World Photography Awards

8) Image Name: Changing Identity / New Identity 07
Photographer Name: Kacper Kowalski
Year: 2014
Image Description: 07. China, Jiangyin, Jiangsu. Rows of identical houses with a playground seen in the middle in the city of Jiangyin. China holds the world's record in the number of new buildings constructed every year. However, there are 200 million squares meters of uninhabited houses.
Copyright: © Kacper Kowalski_Poland_Contemporary Issues_Professional Competition 2014_Sony World Photography Awards/Panos


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