Sanaa Kazuyo Sejima & Associates Nishinoyama House Kyoto Apartments

Sanaa, Kazuyo Sejima,

Iwan Baan, Kazuyo Sejima & Associates,

Kyoto, Giappone,



In a residential district in Kyoto, Kazuyo Sejima & Associates designed ten homes which meet urban planning requirements while giving each unit a unique identity of its own.

Sanaa Kazuyo Sejima & Associates Nishinoyama House Kyoto Apartments

"Nishinoyama House" is a housing development consisting of ten units designed by Kazuyo Sejima & Associates in a residential district in Kyoto.

In accordance with urban planning requirements which dictated precise rules for the slope of the roof, colours and materials, the architects decided to work with a series of small separate and aggregate volumes rather than bringing all the units together under a single roof. In this way the new homes fit harmoniously into their urban surroundings, with roofs of the same size as those already present in the neighbourhood. The units vary in size between fifty-five and one hundred square metres. The gentle slope of the lot is not a limitation or a problem, but becomes an opportunity inspiring the architects’ design. The spatial composition of the volumes of the different homes combines the concepts of public and private, inside and outside. The architects organise each home on multiple levels, taking advantage of the difference in elevation to brighten up all the rooms with windows; the end result is a unique, engaging housing complex which conveys a sense of serenity to its inhabitants.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Kazuyo Sejima & Associates
KSA Team: (Principal) Kazuyo Sejima, (Partner) Rikiya Yamamoto, Architect: Takashige Yamashita, Takayuki Furuya, Kota Fukuhara, Hiroaki Katagiri, Takashi Suo, Naoko Kawachi. Landscape: Garden Works Enzo Luogo: Kyoto, Giappone
Images courtesy of Kazuyo Sejima & Associates