All the GranitiFiandre events at Fuori Salone 2011

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GranitiFiandre is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary with a packed calendar of events at FuoriSalone 2011 focusing specifically on the theme of sustainability.

All the GranitiFiandre events at Fuori Salone 2011
GranitiFiandre offers a number of events during Fuori Salone with a special focus on the themes of architecture and sustainability. Contemporary architecture and sustainability will be the key themes at the “Greenbuilding” meeting coming up on April 13 at Politecnico di Milano featuring architect Mario Cucinella as special guest.
Also on April 13, in the new “Geologica” showroom in Via Francesco Sforza, GranitiFiandre and Illum offer an “aperitif in architecture”. The current exhibition focuses on plans for a tower in Lodi by architect Marco Visconti, considered a project in the vanguard of sustainability, and creations by Bysteel designer Stefano Pirovano.

Two more events are the subject of special news articles:
“Mi-Sha luxury taste experience”
, an exclusive restaurant designed by architect Simone Micheli set up in the royal hall, with an entrance on Piazza della Scala. The restaurant will stay open all week for cocktails and dinner.

In the Tortona district, in the 2500 square metre Home & SPA Design, area featuring exhibits about the home, the bathroom and wellness, Xtra Fiandre presents the Ecobath installation, a complete furnishing project including all the products present in the bathroom. The solutions proposed emphasise environmental sustainability, with a focus on eco_marble, a new LEED certified collection consisting of more than 40% recycled materials and produced using the Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ production process to give it anti-pollutant and anti-bacterial properties.


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