6th Next Landmark Architectural SKIN contest

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The upcoming sixth international contest held by Floornature, the Iris Ceramica Group's architecture and design portal, is entitled Architectural SKIN and has plenty of new features in store, as well as a trip to Moscow for the winners!

6th Next Landmark Architectural SKIN contest

Six years after it was held for the first time, the Next Landmark contest takes a new form while maintaining its primary goals of drawing attention to new studies and projects and offering visibility for new generations of architects and designers, encouraging debate about new proposals and visions for contemporary living.

The new contest formula includes two sections focusing on the Architectural SKIN: one open section and another on invitation, reserved exclusively for participants in one of the previous editions of the contest, who are therefore members of the LandMarkers Community. The contest also has a new focus: this year, entrants are asked to express their creativity by designing a skin for contemporary living. In both sections, entrants are asked to create a pattern that can be produced using the new “Design Your Slab” technique for printing on ceramic developed by the Iris Ceramica Group.
The winners in each section will be able to see their work become reality in the form of a prototype and fly to Moscow to exhibit it in the SpazioIris Moscow gallery. The prize includes a three-day trip to Moscow, including flights and two nights' hotel accommodations for two people, to attend the awards ceremony.
And that's not all: the designer will sign a royalties contract with the Iris Ceramica Group if the company decides to produce the design. The prize also includes publicity in all the group's media, starting with the Floornature.com portal, and a Nextlandamark International Contest 2017 winner's certificate.

For more information and details, download the regulations