Vitra Design Museum The Bauhaus #itsalldesign exhibition

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The Bauhaus #itsalldesign exhibition at Vitra Design Museum offers the public a panorama of the current which gave rise to production processes and a model of society that had a great impact on 20th century design, architecture, art, film and photography.

Vitra Design Museum The Bauhaus #itsalldesign exhibition

The The Bauhaus #itsalldesign exhibition underway at Vitra Design Museum has two purposes: providing an overview of the Bauhaus movement and the various different disciplines affected by it (design, architecture, art, film and photography) with a vast range of items on display, including a number of rare objects never exhibited before by artists such as Marianne Brandt, Marcel Breuer, Lyonel Feininger, Walter Gropius, Wassily Kandinsky, etc., and comparing historic items designed by the Bauhaus with the work of contemporary designer, artists and architects including Olaf Nicolai, Adrian Sauer, Enzo Mari, Lord Norman Foster, Opendesk, Konstantin Grcic, Hella Jongerius, Alberto Meda and Jerszy Seymour in search of connections between the Bauhaus movement and trends in contemporary design.

The exhibition is divided into four theme areas, starting with an introduction to the historic and social context in which the Bauhaus arose and continuing with examination of a number of iconic objects representing the movement. The third area focuses on the theme of space, in which the movement was the first “total artistic experiment” of modernity, and concludes with the Bauhaus’s work in the area of communication.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: The Bauhaus #itsalldesign
Curator: Jolanthe Kugler
Dates: September 26 2015 – February 28 2016
Location: Vitra Design Museum, Germany

Images courtesy of Vitra Design Museum