Exhibitions at the Triennale: Enzo Mari, Vico Magistretti and Carlo Aymonino

Vico Magistretti, Carlo Aymonino, Enzo Mari,

Gianluca Di Ioia,


Three exhibitions are underway at the Triennale di Milano, dedicated to three prominent names in twentieth-century Italian architecture. The exhibitions "Vico Magistretti – Architetto milanese " and "Carlo Aymonino – Fedeltà al tradimento" opened last week, while the exhibition on Enzo Mari curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Francesca Giacomelli continues until September 12.

Exhibitions at the Triennale: Enzo Mari, Vico Magistretti and Carlo Aymonino

The exhibitions "Vico Magistretti - Architetto milanese " (Vico Magistretti – Milanese architect) and " Carlo Aymonino - Fedeltà al tradimento" Carlo Aymonino – Loyalty to betrayal) opened recently at Triennale di Milano. As Triennale President architect Stefano Boeri notes, the two events fit into the Triennale’s long tradition of monographic exhibitions on great masters of architecture and design, in which the Italian institution has focused in recent years on Ettore Sottsass, Mario Bellini, Osvaldo Borsani, Achille Castiglioni, Giancarlo De Carlo and, in the current exhibition, Enzo Mari.
“ One of the objectives that the Triennale pursues in its exhibitions and events,” points out architect Stefano Boeri, “is to convey an idea of the greatness of the multitalented figures of Italian design, introducing new ways of interpreting their work, going beyond superficial labels and classifications, and sometimes helping towards rediscoveries and original critical reinterpretations.”.

Carlo Aymonino. Loyalty to betrayal” is the title of the exhibition which opened on 14 May based on an idea by Livia and Silvia Aymonino, curated by Manuel Orazi. The works on exhibit, from archive material to plans, paintings and photographs, document Aymonino’s entire design career, revealing not only the architect’s professional profile, but the man and his passions.
Stefano Boeri comments that “ This exhibition gives us an opportunity to take a new look not only at his professional career, but also at the story of his life and passions. Aymonino managed to offer an original vision of the city and he studied it, took it apart, and deconstructed it. In his designs and texts, Aymonino invited us to shift our view from the horizontal to the vertical, as is clear to see in the buildings in the Monte Amiata complex in the Gallaratese district of Milan of 1967-1972”.

"Vico Magistretti – Milanese architect" was initially scheduled for 2020, to celebrate the centennial of the architect’s birth and look back over his entire career, from the earliest honours presented at the very same location, known then as the Palazzo dell’Arte, after the Second World War. The exhibition is produced in partnership with Fondazione Vico Magistretti and curated by Gabriele Neri. Divided into thematic sections, the exhibition introduces the public to the full scope of Vico Magistretti’s work in an exhibition bringing together architecture and design, with drawings, sketches, models, photographs, prototypes and original items from the archive kept by the foundation named after the architect and material from the archives of various companies, institutions and individuals.

At the same time, the exhibition “Enzo Mari curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist with Francesca Giacomelli”, a major retrospective paying tribute to Enzo Mari’s career spanning more than sixty years, inaugurated only a few days before the death of the great master of Italian and international design, will be held over until September 12.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Triennale Milano

Location: La Triennale di Milano, Viale Emilio Alemagna 6, 20121 Milan Italy

Carlo Aymonino. Loyalty to betrayal
14 May – 22 August 2021
From an idea by Livia and Silvia Aymonino
curated by Manuel Orazi
Installation design: Federica Parolini
Graphic design: NORM, Zurich
Artistic direction: Lorenza Baroncelli

Vico Magistretti. Milanese architect
11 May – 12 September 2021
curated by Gabriele Neri
In collaboration with: Fondazione Vico Magistretti
Display design: Lorenzo Bini / BINOCLE
Artistic direction: Lorenza Baroncelli

Enzo Mari curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist with Francesca Giacomelli
17 October 2020 – 18 September 2021
curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist with Francesca Giacomelli
Exhibition design: Paolo Ulian
Artistic direction: Lorenza Baroncelli