Villa Mediterraneo 02 by Metroarea

Metroarea Architetti Associati,

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Ibiza, Balearic Islands,

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The Metroarea architecture studio from Trieste has created what is usually called a “dream villa”. They took six different factors into consideration when designing its shape and spared no expense on interiors. The end result is spectacular.

Villa Mediterraneo 02 by Metroarea

Metroarea, an architecture studio from Trieste, has created a dream home in Ibiza . The budget is unknown, but was definitely extremely high, for reasons that are easy to see.

The home, named Villa Mediterraneo 02, is a perfect example of extreme luxury that is not showy. It is located on a hill overlooking the sea, where the white walls blend with the green of the Mediterranean maquis and the blue sky, while huge windows frame breathtaking views. The minimalist décor is in harmony with the structure and colours of the home, so that the two hydromassage tubs (one in the Spa room, with a maxi-screen and sensory lighting), the infinity pool and the ceiling decorated with hundreds of mirrors that reflect light and images in various directions, do not seem excessive.

To build a home of this level, the architects not only devoted great attention to the interiors, but also to the design of its shape. Metroarea was inspired by great examples of ancient and modern architecture and choose their most valid and interesting features. They finally identified six design parameters : inner courtyards, the hilliness of the area, functions, organic lines, perspective and the possibility of accessing the roofs.

This is why two large patios follow the natural slope of the terrain, offering a unique perspective of the scenery and ensuring the circulation of air and flow of natural light. The home thus appears organic and sinuous, with its terraced, accessible roofs according to the dictates of contemporary architecture.

Francesco Cibati

Place: Ibiza, Spain
Year: 2017
Architects: Metroarea Architetti Associati – www.metroarea.it
Photos: Fernando Alda - www.fernandoalda.com