Time is money! cnYes Office by Waterfrom Design

Waterfrom Design,

Sam Tsen,

Taipei, Taiwan, Silicon Valley,



cnYes is an online media company specialising in the world of finance and, although located in Taipei, it is inspired by Wall Street and Silicon Valley. This is why its motto is "Time is money". The phrase features in its new offices designed by Waterfrom Design.

Time is money! cnYes Office by Waterfrom Design

When cnYes asked Waterfrom Design to create its new offices it was clear that the focal element would be time. The time of lightning financial deals online and that of the relationship between staff and office work. It is so dominant that it became the motto of the cnYes company: " Time is money ".

Waterfrom design has deconstructed the concept of time and reassembled it in fragments in various spaces. An idea of constant progression is created by a combination of old and modern materials and further reinforced by various styles of clocks on the walls.

The last feature of this project, one that is essential for any office, is the flexibility of its spaces. In this case it was achieved with mobile panels to divide the large central space, transforming it as needed into an auditorium for one hundred people or little rooms for six. The elegant fittings remind us that cnYes is a mass communication and finance company.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Year: 2016
Design: Waterfrom Design co. Ltd.
Architects: Nic Lee, Sam Chung, Richard Kuo
Surface area: 820mq
Photos: Sam Tsen



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