The Eats in the Bikinihaus, Berlin

Ken Schluchtmann,

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Three floors for food buffs, where you can sit back, relax and dine in the company of friends in Berlin’s Zoobogen, the interior of the revamped Bikinihaus, where you’ll be surrounded by fine interior design that crafts three different atmospheres.

The Eats in the Bikinihaus, Berlin
The Eats in the Bikinihaus, Berlin is a great place for people who love fine interior design combined with artworks and unique pieces of furniture, where you can dine, enjoy a coffee or have some drinks with friends in three different areas, each with its own special mood. This is what’s on offer in the historical Bikinhaus, whose refurbishment (link Livegreenblog) has returned it to its former glory.
Laura Wendt-Mieser, owner of The Eats and interior designer, has created three different locations on three levels, to cater to the needs of a whole day in Berlin: the ground floor is home to the Deli, perfect for breakfast, coffee and snacks; the restaurant is on the first floor and it even has a long table where guests can enjoy a drink and the company of others while waiting for their fellow diners. It also has a large glazed open kitchen. The second floor houses the lounge-bar with a panoramic terrace where patrons can enjoy a view of the historical buildings of the Zoobogen and the zoo itself.
The Eats is one of those great places that caters to everyone at any time of the day, where Laura Wendt-Mieser’s personal, friendly interior style blends into the busy backdrop of metropolitan Berlin. All of which reflects Laura’s motto, which she borrowed from Louis Kahn: “Design is not making beauty. Beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love”.

(Christiane Bürklein)
Project: Laura Wendt-Mieser, laura@index-d.com
Location: Bikinihaus, Berlin
Year: 2014
Photography: © http://diephotodesigner.de, courtesy of Ken Schluchtmann
Links: http://www.theeats-berlin.de/


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