Study the shapes: Sorel Residence by Naturehumaine

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The Canadian architectural studio Naturehumaine, directed by Stéphane Rasselet, constructed a house with a very unusual shape. Sorel Residence, which takes its name from the place it is built in, is a perfect example of the geometric disruption of shapes.

Study the shapes: Sorel Residence by Naturehumaine

In the city of Sorel, between Montréal and Quebec City, stands a house with a very particular shape. The design, developed by architect Stéphane Rasselet from Naturehumaine, is the result of the customer's request to have a house which stands out from the others.
Built in the middle of a suburb composed of Victorian architecture, the house only takes up 110square metres of the entire property leaving abundant room for the garden and existing trees. 

Sorel Residence is built on one level and its shape was obtained by offsetting two chamfered rectangles in plan covered by a gable roof with an irregular pitch. The chamfered cuts give the house a dynamic feel and create sheltered external spaces like the front entrance and the veranda. 

The inside of the house looks extremely clean: the white walls reflect the large quantity of natural light that comes in from numerous openings. As well as the glass walls on the sides there are two openings in the most inclined part of the roof which floods the living room with light. Between these two openings Stéphane Rasselet has placed a yellow shape, designed to reflect the light and at the same time mellowing it to make it warmer. The wood flooring or tiles, wooden doors and furniture and, lastly, the black metallic finishing touches help absorb the light and soften the intensity of the whiteness giving the rooms a comfortable, homely atmosphere.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Sorel, Canada
Architect: Stéphane Rasselet
Photography: Adrien Williams



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