This steak house is a Little City – C.DD


Ouyang Yun,

Guangzhou, China,

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Although located on the seventh floor of a shopping centre in the heart of Guangzhou in China, the Race Steak House, designed by C.DD, aims to be a "Small Town", a place where you can escape the chaos of the city and eat well in the company of friends, surrounded by greenery.

This steak house is a Little City – C.DD

C'is a little city hidden in a great metropolis,Guangzhou to be precise. Those who approach it are attracted by the aroma of steaks sizzling on the grill and when entering find a calm, spacious place far from the frenetic chaos of the city. The space has a mixture of different materials that achieve a balance, from wood to brick and concrete, creating an atmosphere that is midway between modern sophistication and a rustic old American steak house.

There are numerous plants on the tables and hanging from the ceilings, to accentuate the relaxed dimension far removed from the city chaos. The Race Steak House, the name of the restaurant, has a vertical garden at the end of the space which develops longitudinally, creating various courtyards with different styles, furnishings and material, so everyone who adventures into this little space finds a place that suits their tastes.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Guangzhou, China
Year: 2016
Surface area: 740 m2
Architects: C.DD – www.cddesign.cn
Team: He Xiao-Ping, Li Xing-Lin
Photos: Ouyang Yun


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